Friday, October 5, 2012

Quilting at my house..or the way we, I mean

Bored now with my political quilt, it has been laid to rest with the rest of my UFO' zigzag, potholders, etc etc...I turn to strips.  The last bit of table cleaning revealed these strips.  I had thought I would make a four patch/one patch...again... with the tons of 2.5 inch strips that I have.  Not too exciting here, just could not make it work.  My eye then  turned to the Granny Block and the Ginger Monkey's good tutorial.
 My use-me-up scraps....being so very dull... I ended up with this instead.  Life is short, you know.  
Story of my life.  I think that Donna (do not let it go to your head now:) is right.  Getting rid of my scraps just may be the best....gets me into my good or gooder stuff faster..  There is just NO way to use up scraps.  They are a bit like offense to bunnies:)


Debby said...

Ha, scraps do seem to multiply in the night!!

Diane said...

Maybe what you need is a new infusion of scraps to inspire you. Perhaps you could do a strip swap with friends.