Friday, October 12, 2012

Potholder craziness begins..

Really, the humble potholder is the perfect present.  If you like it, it can be a trivet or hang on the wall, or you can use it...If you hate the gift, it is still useful.  It uses scraps and allows creativity and making them is a no-brainer!!  Once again, my humble tute is here.  The one below is for Doc. D.  Her husband cooks, he is from India (elephant)...and check out the backing....he teaches economics at a prestigious university in town...
I like to leave the pins in the binding till all the potholders are made. Then I do not have to change threads so often. I can group them in colorways to sew down the binding.

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Debby said...

Perfect!!!! The Dr and her hubby are going to be sew excited!!