Friday, October 5, 2012

The year of the woman...Thank u Pat Bravo..

Check it out...Romance by Pat Bravo..Loving life and sewing and youth.. I say more of the year of the woman!!.  Kudos to Pat Bravo for her positive influence on young women's self esteem.

And, are some fun fabric sites for unusual fabric.

Etsy Shop Matatabi
Etsy shop for Pomadour
Etsy Shop for Sew Fresh Fabrics
Etsy shop for Sew Me a Song
Etsy Shop for Stash Modern Fabrics

and then
Fat Quarter Shop  Although I must say, the customer service at has gone waaaayyyy down since Amazon bought it out...just MHO..

As for sewing here....working on my political quilt my sewing room....took a little drive to Hobby Lobby myself when Mr.O'Quilts went to tennis...and I had minimal symptoms...TBTG....must say it again....TBTG, cuz I have had some rough days...not check it out again with youth at Pat Bravo's Romance

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