Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tooooo Night.....

From this tutorial comes the Charlotte MQG block of the month.  Last week I gave away all my strip scraps...a big basket full.  Why??  Because I was so done with all the potholders and my square scrap quilt. Also...I know that the basket will fill up again in the snap of a finger, or the cut of the blade...Looking around my mess, I fortuitously came upon another basket of scraps...solid scraps.  Serendipity...just what I needed and of course had forgotten all about.  Notice the empty thread favorite thing...Coats and Clark once again empty.  Tomorrow I am going to treat myself to one of my sale spools of Aurefil...lucky me.
As I finished off, I realized that I had not read the instructions to the end.  So, all the foundation is still on the block...Oh, well.....

Today the electrician came by to assess my lighting needs in my office.  Before he even started, I had him dispose of a dead Palmetto bug in my foyer...just ugh!  As he dutifully walked it to the yard...there was more.  There, on the sidewalk was a mole...the biggest mole I have ever seen...the size of a rat.  He disposed of that too.. I certainly hope that on his estimate, I am not charged for extra duty:).  

Tonight at my quilting group, my friends reorganized my living room.  Such good friends I have.  Just when I thought that all was well and was locking up the garage, I saw a flying bird or bat in the garage and my friends had all gone.  How it got in, I have no idea....guess it is just the season....ooooooo

I was going to forget Halloween this year.  Then my neice told me that one of her 6 year old students, who lives down our street, had told her that our house was haunted.  She said that every year she is scared to come to my  house, but she comes anyway.....Okay dokey....Now I have a reputation to uphold!!

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Courtney said...

Looks great! See you tonight! I missed the part about cutting of the foundation the first time I read through and then noticed it just before I started sewing. I bet a lot of people missed that part!