Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Paci and the Walmart

I am just back from driving myself to Walmart!!  I looked around at all the people and wanted to tell them that I was there...finally.  But, honestly, none of them looked interested.  It was a damn shame!!!!  No change at Walmart....just instead of the red, white and blue of July....there was Christmas, red and green.  I am sooo happy.  I bought 4 $2 pumpkins...I am still into orange..LOL

 In last night's obsession, I worked on 12 pacifier the cupboard they go for future present needs.  Dana at MADE was so right, when you make can make a dozen...I just ran out of clips..need 4 more...  so fun to make. Note to self:  use starch, cut iron on interfacing 7/8 of an inch and slide it under the quarter inch seam allowance and you will not have to pin.  I prefer the zigzag method of attachment...more secure.
Other note to self......see below pix.  It is 3 inches between one end of Velcro to the other.  Best to change thread color..

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Debby said...

what cute gifts you have whipped up!!! Congrats on your trip to Wally World