Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My debate....to do or not to do

Next week on the 23rd I am going back to the pool.  Today I practiced just normal living to see what I could do.  I was very happy.  I spent two hours with my mother at her assisted living.  About an hour and a half was with her neurologist in a home visit.  My mother was right on the money.  We laughed and shared and had a great time.  Then I drove to the post office.  It was not till I was on the way home that I got symptoms.  I am not working yet and I am glad.  You know how it is when you feel so good one minute and  your psyche says it will last forever and it doesn't.  Still a great day.

Decided after all those potholders that I was giving away all my string scraps...just not doing it any more.  But, tonight I pulled out some pink batik squares already marked....from one of my project boxes.  Thought I would give it another try.  Here you see my scrap basket by the machine with my ever present helper.
 My Milito says I am disrupting him with all the picture taking!
 Pink squares already marked...you can see the faint lines down the middle.
 Three blocks made assembly line....and I am now re-thinking my former decision...I do love my scraps.  What a little rest will do!

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Debby said...

I too have a love hate of my scraps!! Ha