Saturday, December 20, 2014

Family...making the difference

 Happy family birthday to me.  Emily and her man made breakfast for me today.  
I almost forgot about it as I was taking grands to karate party and kid's craft day at Michael's.
How could I??
 Homemade scones, Gingerbread pancakes from Trader Joe's, Irish sausages...etc.
and family love..
 At Michaels, the kids painted home, we cut it into snowflakes with Accuquilt Go cutter..
 The kids made presents for their mother at the kid's craft day...once home, they wrapped them in fabric from my scrap bucket..They had a great time...Now, too their Mommy will have scraps to sew with.
 The helper.
.I was trying to finish up last minute pillowcases and needed a red bobbin...they were tangled..
I got crabby.
  Evan took scissors and cut off the thread....He said..Grandma..don't you know that bobbins do not untangle when they are like that....9 years old knows lots.
 Winding bobbins for his own new bobbin holder from Grandma.
 Evan organized the sewing drawer for me.
 He stayed up late doing sewing things with me that the other two are too small for.
It was nice.  I wish I could be a better grandma, instead of such a witch at not talk back, you are in time out...listen to me...OMG...I am exhausted. 
 I want to be a sweet grandma..not a hag. 
 And I am exhausted all the time even with tons of help.
Himself seems stable today..although he has not been out of bed for a few days. The suction machine broke.  Brian super-glued it back together as the Mr.O cannot be without it...New one coming tomorrow.
I wish I had a calm and easy going personality like my Mr. Wonderful. 
 Too late saw the candles on the birthday cake...old old old dogs do not learn new tricks or evidently have the energy that young dogs do.
.I would like more energy from Santa..but last year I asked to be 45 again...and oh, no..I did not get it.
This year I am thinking that I will just be grateful for what I have.


Rachaeldaisy said...

I just love your sweet little grandies for being so thoughtful!! I bet even when your nagging they know that your lovely and wonderful , and that really your nagging because you love them. You were so clever to cut out snowflakes from the painted paper. They look so pretty hanging on the side board. Ginger bread pancakes sound delicious, a lovely birthday treat.

smazoochie said...

I repeat everything Mrs. Daisy said.
You aren't just the Granny who loves them then sends them home -- you are raising them! Don't worry you are doing a bad job, those smiling faces show me happy children who are safe & secure in your love.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Happy Birthday to you. Your grandchildren know you love and care for them. Sharing your love of creativity with them is wonderful. No one is too young to play with fabric, or too old!

Ellen Guerrant said...

Happy, happy birthday to you, Diane. What a delicious looking breakfast spread! Your posts are so heart-felt. Blessings to you all. xo

MariQuilts said...

I threatened a few time outs myself's part of the job. Happy Birthday.