Sunday, December 28, 2014

Just Today's Musings.....

Grief is exhausting.  I spend a lot of time napping..I did get these done in time for Christmas.  Saint Ava, queen of the nurses...angel from my mother...collects hens...Ha...of course even with a stash like mine, I had to take from my sister's stash!!  Ha!
 For Ava only...the fried eggs for the lining:)
 Then for dear BB Muggs...the Christmas sail away...all gifted in time!!
Today Muggs took the kids...from 10 to 4...ALL the kids...Saint Muggs. Immediately I went right back to bed.  Just taking one child out of the mix during this winter break is helpful, never mind all of them.
My dear man is stable.  He sits in the bed all day sleeping and watching sports. We have the best caregivers ever and he is so well taken care of.  Once in awhile he gets a visitor for a short while.  Now that the blood clots have moved out of the way, he can tolerate that better.  Although, talking is exhausting for him.
In the hour I have left before the wildness descends again...I have bordered a small scrap busting quilt top from two years ago.  Just to be able to do something other than pillowcases with my poor focus is such a thrill. 
 I hear Steph, the caregiver in the next room with the Cough Assist machine...1..2...3, 1..2..3, she is putting on the Fentanyl morphine patch  and I realize, still again, how blessed I am.... with help  and with friends.
And things to look forward to....Cousin Ann comes in tonight and two
O'Sister-in-laws come in on February 4th  Yeah!!


Unknown said...

Dear Diane, i love ready your blog,it makes me feel like i am there with you. I am, in spirit. Big hug! What can i do for you?

smazoochie said...

Besides painting with patchwork, you have your Mother's ability to paint with words. We, your readers see your struggle & pain & the glimmers of hope & joy.
Hang in there, sweetheart. We are all right there with you.