Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Just Today, That Is All

Thank you dear friends...I needed your confirmation on what really feels right.
Here they are...my comfort quilts.. You have seen them before., neither made by me.
The red rescue top for $15 tied with wool batting. And the 30"s-40"s scrap quilt..so used and soft.
I just do not want them used up on my watch, they comfort me.
  The newer quilts somehow are not the same with their "over quilting".. Too much thread makes things stiff, IMHO
Thank you Bridget for the perfect poems!!!And for the wisdom from all of you.

A break through for me..when last night Emily went out with friends.
A CNA is sick, my sister is sick, I am sick. 
 Mr. O'Quilts needed the Cough Assist machine.  OMG..OMG..
 I found the mask in the kitchen..attached it..and made it work...not that it is nuclear science..
but I did it!!!!
 He really needed it several times...
Scardy cat wife grew up tonight..such a tiny bit..
On occasion, all my stash is overwhelming....But most of the time, I love it.
  I really love having everything on hand.
The artist needs its hues of every color...
ha ha..that is hilarious.
This quilter has not quilted in quite awhile...she just looks and dreams...some artist!!

New fabric cheers me up for a bit...but I do realize that it fixes nothing...My man still lies there paralyzed.  Now my sickness has gone immediately to asthma...We are all walking around with masks and gloves so the Mr. does not get it.  The grands were thrilled with their own small bottles of antiseptic hand cleanser.  We have had to hire yet another CNA for PRN work..sigh.
 Bottom line is that my dear man is well taken care of.  He is trying to read a bit of his I-pad now..but it is getting heavier and heavier in his wasted hands..  My heart...I love him so.
This from Jackie's Black Friday sale...half yards...A pretty blip in my life.


Rachaeldaisy said...

I guess stashes are a little bit like life where usuallu you see them as full of colour and adventures but sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming. Those quilts in the first photo are gorgeous!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Pretty fabrics to stroke, well done for coping with the scary technology. It is surprising what what we can do when there is no one else. I hope you and your family are all soon feeling better.

Michele Bilyeu said...

We all feel your heart and as hard as it is...you continue to learn to do, and to grow. I've about had it with stiff modern quilting too I love soft things that speak to me of comfort and joy. I'm tying up love knots more and more.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm with you in my heart. Keep washing those hands and know you are more than capable girl!


smazoochie said...

Take -- no, grab -- your cheer where you can: some new fabrics or a new, albeit, tragic, skill. Doing what you think you could not do, stroking some cloth that gives you pleasure, and always, colorful quilts.