Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Problem with Quilts...

I am having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit. 
 Every year, I make the tissue holders to take to my friends.  Today I went to the ALS caregiver support group.  At first I threw the tissues all in a bag.  But, then I changed my mind.  I took a vintage doily from my grandmother, a basket that my daughter made..a bit of raffia for the ribbon, a few bells. 
 I was glad that I had made the effort.  Much more festive.
 I have tons of antique and vintage quilts all stacked up and not used.  The one top that I tied with my friends and put wool batting in, I use all the time, but it shows it, as the fragile 100 year old fabric is breaking.  I also have stacks of  quilts that I made myself.  I try to give them away..but the keeping is outweighing the giving.
I am thinking about using some on the kids beds.
Below is Evan's room.  On the bed is a quilt I made a few years back that lived on my mother's bed for awhile.  Should I store it, or should he use it....Should he have memories of it, or should it be sold in good order at my estate sale when I go.
Here is Lynsey's bed...adorned with a Christmas quilt that matches her new Christmas pillow..happenstance...but fun...This is ok to use for sure..
 And Dylan's little IKEA bed.  I bought new flannel sheets for the two older kids, but none fit this little bed.  Alas...there was all that sale flannel from JoAnn's at Black Friday.  So I made him a flannel sheet.  I used to make my babies their sheets back in the day.  So easy.
 I found the children's Christmas stockings.  Yesterday was one year to the day that I took
 guardianship of them.  One step at a time.
I will make a nice Christmas for them, just as my grandmother did for me.


ES said...

To use lovely quilts or to keep them nice. It's a good question. It can be hard with small kids as some things just get ruined even if the kids don't mean to ruin things!! I have a lovely crocheted blanket that I won let my two daughter play with just yet as I would like it to stay nice. Maybe when they are a bit older I'll let them at it. I think having lovely photos of things we've made certainly helps as then we have a record of it in pristine condition!! Getting nice photos can be so so hard though!!!Perhaps if you know the kids will particularly love a certain quilt and they will get great pleasure out of using it then you will feel happy for them to use it, without worrying too much if it gets messed up :)

I have just got back from two craft shops. I took my two daughters, and it's like running a marathon sometimes, the amount of energy that gets used up just trying to get them to behave even slightly nicely!! Thats when I blindly grab items that I might want just for the sake of it!!! Christmas fabric was 50% off in one store so I got 2 meters. I might make a big squishy floor cushion - I am hoping to fill it with two cheap pillows from the supermarket!!

Anyway love to you all. xx

smazoochie said...

Use it or loss it -- an important lesson I've learned from the passing of my Grandmother & Mother. So many un-used things stored away, saved for "good".
I LOVE seeing the quilts -- new & old -- on all the beds, walls, etc in your home. So warm. So cheery, even when you are not feeling feeling cheery. Imagine your home without quilts -- not the same place.

Holee said...

I believe in using everything. You can't have memories if everything is stashed away in a drawer. I might start a hope chest for each one with a quilt and other items you make along with things they make. I did this for each of my boys and the tradition is now one that the wives have continued for my grandchildren. Now a day you don't even have to have a chest. One daughter in law who has 4 children is using the large bags you suck the air out of. When they are full she'll seal them up. They also slide under the beds nicely.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm in the Use It group. I like the idea of the children having memories of these wonderful quilts. A year? in some ways it seems to have flown by. You will all make a wonderful loving Christmas!

Sharon said...

I'm definitely in the Use It group! I used to save things for "good", but then I realized that was silly. The children need those memories of quilts on the bed and being used. One of my fondest memories was going to my grandmother's and sleeping in a bed with a quilt that she had made on it. I think that was the first time for me to sleep with a quilt. Remember - it's only fabric and you can always make another quilt!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas - and make happy memories!

Bridget said...

Oh, definitely use it! My sister in law makes baby quilts and includes a poem about spitting up on them and how that's just going to happen. I found a couple poems that are similar.

This quilt is made of cloth and thread
to place upon your little bed.
It's not an heirloom - just to keep,
but to lay upon as you count sheep.
Or perhaps the floor's the perfect place
for a doll and teddy picnic space.
This quilt can be anything you can dream -
from Superman's cape to the robe of a queen.
Pretend it's a raft adrift at sea,
or just cuddle up when you watch TV.
So use it up and wear it out -
I promise I won't yell or pout.
Just tell me when its days are through,
and I'll make another, just for you.

---Kathy Sherlock

It's OK if your bottle gets spilt.
If you swallow some air
and you burp, don't despair;
It's OK if you spit on your quilt.

There are scraps old and new on your quilt.
Put together for you on yor quilt.
If your gums feel numb
'Cause your teeth haven't come
It's OK if you chew on your quilt.

We expect you to lie on your quilt.
If you hurt, you may cry on your quilt.
On a cold rainy night,
Don't you fret; you're all right;
You'll be snug, warm and dry on your quilt.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Yes, you will make Christmas for them....because you have the knowledge that they are children. They don't need to know what we know...not yet. Your building strong children....their hearts and souls will be different because of you!

Yes you can! No matter what comes...because we do....for them.

It is an interesting observation about all the quilts you have. My dear girlfriend who passed away in Aug. had so many quilts that it blew my mind....amazing works of art...and on her death bed...she only wanted to use the charity quilts she had made. Please use all your quilts or just give them to anyone who is cold....that is what they are for!

You don't have to take my advise's just my experience I'm speaking to.

Big hugs!


Unknown said...

Well used means well loved, just like people!


ES said...

I love those peoms! So clever!