Friday, December 19, 2014

Guess what I got for my birthday on Wednesday?????????????????

Lol..Thank you Sherry!!!
The good news is that Mr.O'Quilts is no better and no worse from his scary ordeal last night. TBTG  
 The good news is that his wife is better grounded in the real facts of our life..ugh.
And that the doctor thinks the episode was ALS related..
The good news is...I cleaned...kinda...but good for sewing tables.
Ironing table...look in middle not to the sides(:
 Cutting table..again..keep eyes centered!!!
 And the best of all....a Christmas present for all the world to see...our friend and dental hygienist..and quilter, my man's teeth.  Evan on light duty using the light on Ann's smart phone for guidance...
Thank you Ann...This meant so much to him!!  
As you passed through my sewing room, even if you took a few fat is so ok.
With such a good day, what if I actually get to post some quilting tomorrow???
Just what if?


ES said...

Oh yes!! do some quilting!!! :)

smazoochie said...

I loved the metaphor of no question mark, but I'm glad you again have one.
You are surrounded by angels.
Some stitching would be good for you, try to make the time.

Karaquilts said...

I look forward to your visit everyday! You have such a wonderful zest for life and living and that's evident in every post you share ~ ~ and why this horrible ALS journey is so terrifying and overwhelming. I feel honored to walk it with you and your family. I so hope you are quilting away right this minute.