Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday spirit comes more Mr.O'Miracle

With my girl and her man's help, the Christmas decorations are getting up.  We have two children with us this weekend.  Tonight we are watching Christmas movies.
This quilt pattern is called "Christmas Rose"  An Irish chain with a yellow center.  I found the pattern in a magazine some years back.  Used, the quilt is getting soft and comfy.
Bean bag from Aldi:) with small Christmas quilt Disappearing Nine-Patch.
I made a larger one of this too..It is just perfect to showcase Christmas prints.

I am pretty sick...darn asthma ruins any nice little cold a person could get.  Today I slept and slept and slept, while the nurses took care of my man.
.Finally I was up at 1:30 for a breathing treatment..It was quiet as a mouse around this house,
when lo and behold...
Out on the deck was my dear man all bundled up!!!!
and he was
Playing whist with Evan.
Now, this is really a Christmas miracle.
His CNA was doing play dough with Lynsey and all was well in our world.
 Thank you Cousin Ann for your gifts of these charm packs...My sister and I were patting them today.
Above is Kaleidoscope and below is Mimosa
 And below from Anna Marie Horner is True Colors
Once upon a time, I vowed never to use pre-cuts...That was too silly...Little charm packs with five inch blocks are so lovely.When time is of essence and energy is low..I absolutely agree, that this is the way to go!
Last night the electricity went out at 3:40 am..  Because my dear man is quite hooked up with.electrical things now to breathe...I shouted out and hurried downstairs..
 There he was breathing first I thought it was the back ups...but...Oh, No!

The electricity had evidently NEVER gone off....It was just me bad dreaming...Lordy!
The post of the day:)


smazoochie said...

Stay warm & take care of your ill self.
A time & a place for everything -- even pre-cuts. This Fat Quarter Shop pattern is fun, quick & easy.

Sharon said...

You and I both know that petting fabric is an excellent stress reducer! I'm sure the Dr. would prescribe if he only knew. *grin* And ice cream whenever is good too.

Please take good care of yourself! That asthma/bronchitis is a really nasty thing. Lots of rest is called for, so take the fabric to bed with you!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I am sure patting charm squares helps, especially when they are so pretty. I'm so happy to hear of miracles, and that the nightmares are just dreams. Take care of yourself and heres hoping the asthma clears up soon.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Just beautiful. Children, quilts, new fabric charm packs and you. Especially the shouting in the middle of the night. Now, that's the kind of care giving that I can relate to. I still do it but at least my husband is used to me being exhausted and nuts and thank goodness I may have other things but I don't have asthma! Love the game with your man and Ethan etc. Lovely, lovely blessings, indeed! You are doing Christmas for everyone and for you, one way or another, woman! Colorful Quilted Hugs to you!!!

ES said...

Lovely update. Sorry you woke up with a fright! sounds awful, but thankfully nothing had happened. x