Friday, January 8, 2016

Cleaning is a Dirty Word...

There will be NO sewing, said Ms.Stephanie....until that table is clean.  OMG
Never, ever upset our Stephanie.
I took my machine in for a cleaning and..
I scrubbed and scrubbed...(not really) HA!
I put some left over oil cloth under my computer..
All this work just to catch my cookie crumbs!!!

I need a nap after this.
Just sent off with Cousin Ann's generous gift order for wool batting.
I cannot wait until it comes.
xxoo Love you Cousin Ann.

IMHO...The sad ending for me....of
Used to be my favorite more..
IMHO....No good sales.
IMHO.....No good customer service.
A gift cert gone wrong with no apology.
Many online communications with customer service.
IMHO...supervisor not available. timely return email.
IMHO...never again.
Used to... doesn't count any sad...
I do not know how they still are in business.

Thought I had better get a post up before you think I am not in

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smazoochie said...

I think I only shopped once at
My favorite online stores are equilter, fat quarter shop & connecting threads. Shipping? Maybe, depends on how big your order is. Tax? Yeah, for me at fat quarter shop, but not for you. Customer service? Very excellent, with all three. I've had minor issues with each & they have all come through like shining stars. They may not have the big sales that does/did, but I really don't mind.