Monday, January 25, 2016

The Lights and the Darks

Panther Nation...on the way to Karate.
Just could not decide on the cuteness!!
They are doing so stable and loved.

So grateful for their wonderful support system.
I have not bought fabric all year...this bit is Katie's fault.
Thank you Katie for brightening my love.

Today's news:

1.  Crabby me celebrates that I am out..... after....  4 days in the house...
Solitary confinement.
Snow is gone, ice is gone, I am gone.
I went to the grocery store and bought today's special:
Buy two, get three free ice cream!!
Because I could.

2.  There is no school again in Charlotte for tomorrow.
Stephanie is coming early.
Kids will be doing Dreambox, Spelling City, Razkids on their mini-ipads
......and cleaning their rooms.

3.  I am offended this year by Valentines candy in the grocery store now..
 Why are they there at all?
Who invented Valentine's day??
 I used to like Valentine's Day.

4.  My son was arrested tonight and is now in jail detoxing from drugs.
He had three warrants for his arrest.
Three days after his 31st birthday.
I do not even know where the pieces of my heart are.
At least he is not dead.
And, TBTG, the good luck scheduled the meeting at the fast food place
for the children to see their dad..only 4 days ago..

Some folks like seem to have no choice.
Our family celebrates the darks and the lights.!!

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Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I'm pleased you ventured forth to the shops, good job they'd organised an icecream special offer. Your grand children look good in their matching outfits. Your son is the only one who can really help himself. You are doing everything you can and more.