Sunday, January 24, 2016

Truth Everlasting...Just Go Sew

Thru the screen brightly.
The sun!!
 Yes...Zoe...the squirrels remember you are still here..

The Only Way to Enjoy Snow

Still only 9 months a widow...or is it one month or is it 100 months??
Making it thru this snowstorm and being snowed in...has brought the worst grief ever...worse than the first Christmas or birthday without him I have been hysterical, terrified, totally alone with my home and my memories. I spent too much time in bed, living on bags of Oreos.
 Last night I snapped at my sister when she called to tell me......
 that my son was out in the freezing ice storm with no place to go.....
She told him to turn himself in...jail was warm.
 It was the right thing to do, but it added to my fears. 
I am quite afraid that the road of grief is a rocky one. TBTG the children are having fun elsewhere...Trying to see now in the daytime, the beauty of the snow and to celebrate my survival of yet one more hurdle.
xxoo to you all for listening to the wail. 

The good stuff...Lynsey and Evan at the beach with Beth and her boys.

Dylan enjoying the snow with his cousins.
At the end of the day, we did not lose power, the children are having a wonderful time.
I got thru all the bad stuff and am still here to tell about it.
And I Dear Man....I sewed.


Ellen Guerrant said...

Thinking about you so much, dear Diane. I'm sorry you've hit a particularly rough spot in this journey. Keep's the best therapy ever. Love you.

Hugs -


smazoochie said...

I'm so sorry you had such a rocky night. I can believe nothing but that your Man totally believed, believes in you & your abilities to weather any storm. I can't imagine how hard even the little hurdles are without him physically there at your side, but he left you with good tools. Always do what he wanted you to when things got very hard -- go sew.
Always sending hugs.

Karen said...

You are a strong lady. Being alone would be hard enough but raising Grands makes you a hero in my books. You could make a list of all your "firsts" you have successfully passed and you would be amazed. If it takes a pack of Oreos or more fabric to give you the strength to move forward, eat and sew! Your Grands will never forget what you have done for them and your man is in heaven cheering you on.

Karaquilts said...

Sew on and on and on, dear friend. I love that Your Man's voice whispers the chant in your ear, sings it into your heart, and inspires it into your life. Perhaps you need to grieve more deeply in the alone moments because you have so few of them ~ ~ ~ but soon those moments will become treasures to you, I'm sure. The memories will shine a brighter light on your moments and bring an inner peace. As the rawness fades bit by bit. Thinking of you ~ ~ in the storm and in the bright moonlit night and today.