Sunday, January 24, 2016

How Sweet the Victory

My habit of course, is to start things,  leave them, then start something else.
The storm made me do it..the victorious finishes
Sewing thru the drama.

The back of  my name tag..Peltex, Wonder Under on the felt..married with zigzag.
My selfie...finished.

And then there was a Panther game tonight..
.My first football game outside of college.
The kids will wear their Panther T-shirts to school Tuesday.
They will wear their Panther shirts to Karate tomorrow.
(Evan has his Bronco shirt!)  shhh
Grands are all home from their trips.
There is no school tomorrow because of black ice.
There is no more red wine...a finish.
I am going to make another Cotton and Steel block to celebrate the victories
It took cotton and steel to survive this weekend.
Go Carolina...

Karen Barry...I do not have your email address to send you hugs for all your support.

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ES said...

I have sewed away a few stresses today! I didn't do much, but just enough!! I will be gifting this quilt and I'll be glad that I don't have to look at it and remember the stresses! Love to you all x