Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Interloper, Gifting and the Rant

The Interloper:
For months this grandmother has been looking for the first grade spelling list.
Grandmother is outdated..There are no paper spelling lists any more.
It is all now online on Spelling City.
In order to do her spelling homework..
Missy has decided that this computer is the
"girl" computer!!!
IQ presents for Christmas from my girl.
Before she came home from her job from Ireland, Emily picked Bay leaves
from her man's family backyard tree in Cork.
She ordered bottles online and stamped the cards.
Such a lovely present.
The Rant:
Never, ever did my Dear Man criticize me for spending money on quilting.
He would say...Did you have a good time?
Do you love what you bought?
Then he would give  me a hug.
That was my wonderful Dear Man!!!

Tomorrow I am 9 months a widow.

Tonight Marie and I went to the Guild sale.
It was so much fun.
I was thrilled to have the energy to go after 3 years despairing..
I bought wonderful bargains!!
Once home tonight......
I heard from Stephanie that I was nuts and needed professional help.
From other close family  members I was told that I had a problem
and could just not stop.  Hmmm
My darling are you listening to this abuse??

Who, may I ask would have turned down....
Beautiful vintage sewing machine table with working Singer inside and all tools intact???
For $10....He asked for $15...I told him senior discount should be $10 and he said ok!!!
The naysayers said that I did not need it as I already had 4 machines...Hello??
Need is irrelevant and the two youngers can practice on it...
Who, may I ask would turn down beautiful batik fat quarters for $1 each..
Again, need is irrelevant.
I had a wonderful time...not even bothered a bit by the judgmental ones...
Hello, it is my money and my house..etc.
I am of sane mind.
I have been through a lot in the past few years..
I deserve this...said moi...I so do!!!!


Karen said...

Those who criticize your spending spend more than that when they go out for a quick dinner. You and your grands will get hours of enjoyment from what you bought.

ES said...

The batiks look devine and at a dollar who can resist ??!! I've managed to see some strips today after cutting strips over the past couple of days, I just grab ten mins here and there, and it feels good just to manage that! Xx

Holee said...

Naughty, naughty girl who needs help...I'm laughing. While they can only see the "stuff", you have the pleasure of having a heart filled with the memory of Mr. getting pleasure out of your quilt shopping. You and he shared that kind of deep love we all wish we had, love that holds us together. They'll never understand. Just go on shopping with Mr. and feel his love wrapped around you.

Connie said...

Amen! Yes, you do and what lovely things to purchase . . . wish I would have been there:) The little bottles of bay leaves were a lovely gift and so fresh and good.
Have a wonderful day and enjoy your purchases.
Connie :)

Doris said...

Your dear Mr. got it, just as my sweet Mr. got it. Why did the cruel world and illness have to take them away from us... Ignore the naysayers and haters; you are doing an amazing job of giving those three beautiful grands a safe, loving home where they can grow and thrive despite the tragedies you've been t\living through. You don't need to explain yourself to ANYONE. Love you, Doris (almost two years a widow now)

Unknown said...

It was a great sale!! Sadly I was too far away from the batik $1 fat quarters or I would have been there with you! They WERE too good to pass up. Don't you feel bad at all!!!!!

Karaquilts said...

I agree with you, Holee. don't let anyone make you feel defensive about being yourself. Hang on to the image of your supportive man and go forward WITH him in your heart and mind.

I always marvel at the liberties some commentors take with a newly "single" woman ~ ~ and say things they would never say if your Man were still present. You will learn NOT to hear them when they speak.

Not only does your sewing/quilting nurture your soul, but every item you create goes on to nurture yet another soul and your little ones have a lovely example of sharing and thoughtfulness that will bless them and the people of their worlds as they become adults. Bless you always.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Dear Diane, I love the 'girls' computer. When working in a childrens' nursery, we had to make sure the boys didn't take over the computer. Special present from your girl, so thoughtful. What you spend your money on is your concern, no one else's. Fabric is less fattening than chocs.

Dora, the Quilter said...

There are no modern machines as dependable as the old ones. So, what machine is in there?

I was fortunate to get a few minutes to stitch on my 60 year old Necchi today!