Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Wonderful Life

Feeling weak tonight, I pulled out the scraps of Cotton and Steel
I give quilts of this fabric line only to the bravest and the kindest.
Time to work with scraps...since I realize, no matter how much finery I have in fabric,
It is the scraps that make the best quilts...So hope that is true in life as well.

That sneaky grief
Keep clicking the arrow for more truths on grief.

It is bravery to confront a new life...to re-invent yourself..to carry on in spite of all.
It is bravery to walk through the fire to get to the other side.
Not that bravery is chosen...it is just done.
Seems like that to me anyway.
Anxiety is the word of the day.
The children miss me when they are at school
Lynsey asked me tonight if her father was dead.
Evan cried because his mother has been sick the past two visits.
We all miss Granddaddy.  We all miss Great-grandma
The school counselor left.  We have to meet someone new.

Tonight we counted our blessings.
Safe warm house.
Family to love us.
Computers for school work.
Doll babies and pets to love us.
Beds of our own.
A wonderful school
Sharp pencils
Ms Stephanie
Friends to love us.
We talked about hard times and good times.
We prayed for their daddy (my son) to get better and stop Chrystal Meth.
We talked about love.
A wonderful day after all.


ES said...

Everyday life with three little ones is so full on, I bet it's a real roller coaster for you guys at the moment while the kids feel things change (with the school counsellor leaving). X

Barb said...

stay strong and hopeful. I'm so sorry for your grandkids. xo

http://thankfullga447 said...

I am working on scraps and having lots of fun with it. You always have so much on your shoulders and what you are doing is worth it. I spoke to a new person at church and her husband had an illness for 10 years and another person whose husband had Alzheimer and was cruel to her but they all said you handle it the best way you can. They also never questioned 'why" us.

Bridget said...

I am glad the blessings were counted. That helps me, I know.

smazoochie said...

Oh, my dear one. So many broken hearts & so much love in your home. What would any of you do without the others?
hug hug hug
I am also grateful for sharp pencils.
hug hug hug