Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Dream of a Wedding......

Saturday brought a dream of a wedding.
Hickory Nut Farms, Asheville, North Carolina

 Wedding vows in Irish

When she was young, our daughter would push back at everything that this mother suggested.
Saturday, she was truly her own women, with a wedding from heaven.
Pictures are now coming in from friends...Thank you Muggs

A preview here:
My handsome grandboys...with bow-ties made by Sherrie at our Wednesday night quilting group.
Emily had searched high and low for luck.
In one hour, they were made, four days before the wedding...with Celtic knot fabric from my stash.
Just love!!!!  Thank you Sherrie!!!!

With the last of Mr. O'Quilt's shirts, this quilt was gifted to Uncle Brendan, his brother.
Brendan has been here for the family at every single turn...We are so grateful.
He did a brilliant job of his part in the wedding. xxoo
I could have gone through none of this without the support of my friends..
I am so grateful..


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

It looks like it was a perfect day for your daughter and her new husband, lovely photos. I hope they have a long and happy life together. Your grand children look brilliant, especially the bow ties. Perhaps there is a photo of you to come!!

myrtovl said...

Congratulations, wishing them a happy life!

ES said...

The wedding!! Wow!! Congrats to your daughter Emily X

Barb said...


Unknown said...

Beautiful!!!! I am so happy for you all. It looks like it was a great day and she looks gorgeous. Hugs!

Karaquilts said...

Oh, how lovely and perfect! I hope the weather was as pleasant for you there as it was in Chattanooga ~ ~ I'm so happy for you and for your sweet daughter and her man. and the children are absolutely precious. A glorious day rich with hope for the future and blessed from heaven. big big hugs :)

smazoochie said...

Happy is the beautiful bride that the sun shines upon.
Best wishes to the happy couple.
Two handsome young men & a magical young woman.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Oh, how lovely! Thank you for sharing news of your family's special, special day. How I love the Celtic knot fabric bow ties!


Connie said...

It looks like a beautiful day and a lovely wedding.
Congratulations to the couple and to new beginnings.

m. said...

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!