Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Sun Shiny Day

A great day.
Despite nursing the 15 stitch cut on my leg from an injury at the wedding.
Despite steroids and inhalers for asthmatic bronchitis from too much stress...
Today is  lovely.
I felt well enough to lunch with my girl.
Home now, I pulled out a project box to sew freely.
Nothing like just plain deadlines, no presents due...
Just pedal to the metal with sheer relaxation and delight.
Today I feel uplifted...Today I feel that I might just be alright.

One year, at Foust, we all got these cheap jelly rolls...maybe $12 each.
There were six of them...and six of us...Today...I am oh, so motivated to work on mine.

Unfortunately, there were only a variety of 5 in the pack.
I added a few more for excitement.
There is a blue check and a shirt from a friend of Eamon's when he was 18.
Good Lord, do I like to save things.
I wonder where that guy is now...13 years later.
I am humming along.

I even put on some Irish music.
I put on best of Enya...and I just enjoyed without even thinking of Mr. O 'Quilts....Really??
Summer is coming to Charlotte...It is getting warmer. The sun shines...inside and out..
Just for today.
This feeling would have been unheard of even last month.
Gone is the anniversary of my mother's birthday and her death.
Done is the lovely wedding of my daughter.
My daughter-in-law is doing marvelously.
It has so frightened me as I waited for the next shoe to drop.
Today I decided that I would take one day at a time.
I will celebrate the day and the day's successes.

 Wahoooo...So me..Thank you Mona!!
Now, if I start to question myself I am.


ES said...

It can be hard to wait for the other shoe to drop, you have to remind yourself to calm down and enjoy the sunshine when it comes:)

Ellen Guerrant said...

Oh what a joy to read this post! Except for the part about your leg. I am so sorry that happened to you, Diane. May the injury heal as you sew along. Isn't it lovely to have saved things to use in your projects?

Miss you.

Mystic Quilter said...

I am so sorry to read about the injury to your leg and your flare-up of brochitis, hoping you will be well again soon.
I can only repeat the comment from Ellen above, it was a joy to read your post, especially the words "today is lovely" may you now have many more days like this!

smazoochie said...

I love it when you have a good day!
Another shoe from that multi-footed monster will certinaly drop, but they are good days to buoy you up.