Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mettle and Hurrah

The 14th of May, came and went.  I did not realize that it was the 13th month a widow mark.
Today, I know that you, my love, are part of me.
You are in my bones and my heart and my brain and my breath.
You will always be the very fiber of my soul.
I am so grateful.

Myrtovl   You know I have lost your email address.. Please send it again..You are so great to comment.

Work on these blocks is trying.
Nothing creative here.  I did want to use the jelly roll in a different way from the four others.
Boring, but doing my best.
 I am stuck with scraps all gone of this white...there must be 3 million shades of white.
Going to have to mix them up like clean and dirty snow.

Steroids make me cranky and keep me  up all night.
In my wheezing time tonight, I have prepared the inners of 30 potholders, getting things prepared for my June 13th knee surgery. Plan on sewing my way thru rehab!!!!!!!

In other news....
Thank you Dixie for this lovely visitation picture of my son. with his boys.
Eamon was in great shape and a great time was had by all.
Thank you Stephanie and Charmaine for doing supervision.
Voila...Thanks to great Aunt Brandy...Here we have cousins, dressed alike
with matching dolls on their first airplane ride...and to Disney of all places!!!!
How happy is this??!!
Evan and I enjoyed a lovely Sunday alone..
And so it goes at the O'Quilt's place.

"Then it Happened"

The moon rolled over
turned out the light
covered itself
with a blanket of night.

Alice Franzen Clemons Burt, Circle of Love


ES said...

Good idea to get some projects ready to sew for after the operation:)

m. said...

I actually like a variety of whites mixed together. And I look forward to seeing your new quilt top ! And, yes, so smart to get things ready to see through your recuperation time. I've been struggling with plantar fasciitis in my right foot. Last week I finally gave in to seeing with my left foot. A little awkward, but better than not sewing. 😉

m. said...

Sew. Not see. Sewing. Not seeing. I wish my auto correct would learn the word "sew".