Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Revolving Door

Durnnit!!!  Those awful people came back again to visit me today.
Poor Pitiful Pearl and Wendy Winer.  I could not get rid of them.
Then,  Humpty Dumpty had a great
Out of the freaking blue?
And the grief came tumbling out again...and the grief came tumbling out.
Humpty Dumpty looked so put together sitting on the wall.
Who in the world would have known he was so fragile still??

Dealing with those intrusive folks, I stayed in bed till one with head under the pillow.
DIL called and made me get up..Only 10 year old boys sleep in their clothes, said she..
Took myself to lunch.
Went to a support group.
Started this for a new neighbor who just had a baby boy.

Getting into the "I Spy Quilt" thing.
They have a two year old, so that should be fun for him too.
Only two blocks the same...Lets find the matches!!
I have sewn this into four patches and will sort them in the am.
Bye bye for now.. You horrid guests...
Poor Pitiful Pearl and her cousin Wendy Winer!!!!!!
Mrs. O'Quilts is back again...full speed ahead!


ES said...

Oh my goodness I had a tiny little cry today from stress! My head was spinning and steam coming out of my ears!? I was definitely feeling sorry for myself. Good job tomorrow is a new day :) X

m. said...

Yesterday was a pity party at my house, too! I'm thankful that the day ended on a better note, as I passed the halfway mark on another flag quilt! Today is another packing day at my old house. I hope I can let some of these things go, and lighten my load! Am I the only one who has too much stuff?

m. said...

And, by the way...I love your scrappy squares! I've been sewing 16 patches for Arkansas Crossroads (also known as Goodnight Irene) quilts--two twin size for sisters, and a full bed size quilt for a 95 year old friend! Can't wait to see your finished work!

ES said...

I hope you are doing ok today :) x