Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Crazy Mud brain, Mrs. O'Quilts

Mrs. O'Quilts has a mud brain as she sews and sews without reading directions.
Twice as much work for naught leaving the pattern obscured.
I can either rip out half the whites or slice them off distorting the sizing or make a different quilt with the blocks I have 
......or put them all back into the project box and hurl it over the fence.

Oh, OK..None of that, right!
Maybe I will at least put the THIRTY wrong blocks back to their box to sleep for the night!

Someone is still on steroids for asthma.!!!!..
I big thank you to Stasi and Hilda for finding this link for me.
It seems that this second year is about balance..as I try to right myself.
The pendulum swings to far to the left, then too far to the right.
The old comfort zone shot to hell!!
At least I now know that I will be alright..
That is what Bob Marley says anyway!!!!


Mary said...

I vote for making a different quilt with the blocks you have and calling it an original design!

m. said...

I agree! I can't wait to see what you do!