Friday, May 13, 2016

Here is to hanging with the best

My new quilting friends..oh, yeah!!
When my mind wanders, I need reminding.
Amen Brother!  ((Laugh!)):

Lynsey left for Disney tonight.  She was so excited that off she went with Uncle Steve with hardly a hug for dear ol' Grandma.
For some reason, it pushed my loss button...really?  Yup...For a sec anyway.

I have been cutting pieces from that project box quilt.
My knees  keep me from standing too long.
Up came that article on.....yada yada...grief again.

The Tough Lessons I Learned After Loss
(none of which I like at all)!!!!
!.  The old life is never coming back.(not even 10%)
2. A part of you will always be alone.
3.  You are not the only one. Most people have multiple losses...OMG
4.  You must get an attitude.( that will be so tough for  me...Ha!)
5.  The small things will give you the greatest  joy.
It is a March 4, 2016 article by Christina somebody.
I lost it all so I cannot give you the link..but it is sadly excellent.
Someone help me...I got it on Facebook grief site.

She says that there are no picket fences or prince on the white horse.  The dead don't come back to help us, The dead person will not come back, Revenge doesn't help. And you are not who you used to be.

UGH...Now I have decided to make my entire house a quilt artist studio
Why not?  I already have 5 machines and two rooms.
If he is not coming back to help out...What the heck???

I need help here figuring out what sewing things to do while I am recuperating from my knee surgery on June 13.  I have to have someone spend the night for three weeks...Jeeze and I cannot drive for three I have to sew with my left problem and will not easily be able to get up.
Guess it will have to be pre-prepared potholders...I am almost out anyway.
Tomorrow the kids have Karate and a visit with their dad....
TBTG for Stephanie and TBTG for my sister.
ps..I am reading way too much hard stuff.
Surely need a light funny book??


Mary said...

I like the idea of turning your entire house into a quilt studio and your new quilting friends are something else!

Hilda said...

I'm a lurker on your blog...having just suffered the loss of my husband Jan 4th.
Here's the page you're looking for: Tough Lessons I Learned After Loss