Monday, May 23, 2016

Thinking and Sewing and Being..

The quilt top for the new neighbor's baby boy.
Crazy that I could not find enough for the perfect border hue.
I had to piece it.  The border now makes the quilt.
Look and how the lighter fish bring movement to this lowly baby quilt.
Giving to others..It is the right thing to do.

Today I had my pre-op appointment for my June 13 knee replacement surgery.
She asked me if I was allergic to anything.
I said yes, kale and beets.
She asked me what happens.
I said that I throw up.
Ha ha ha.

On the Accuquilt blog, I found this interesting post.

When out of the blue, with no tiny reindeer...came BS for me..Why do I care?
Picking up my machine and a bit of a scrap...
Outside I go to get rid of the crap...
Thank goodness for sewing, that's all I know.

Love this one....Great thinking.
Losses and Laughter...on being Kevin Kling


ES said...

I really hope your new knee will be a kick-ass knee!! ;)

m. said...

You are so right about that quilt. The pieced border really adds interest to that little quilt!