Thursday, July 18, 2019

Every Day is the Best Day Ever

Fun Camp Mindy...tie dye t-shirts.
Tula...with love to me, from a friend.xoxo

Since stopped being a family business, bought out by Amazon..
I have hated the prices and customer service.
However.....they did have a selection of knits on sale
Now that I am 4 years out of my family's 6 year crisis, I may try to sew with knits..
While looking for this affordable practice knit...I found Kona cottons on sale for $4.99.
A Prime Day special.
Did not need them.....Did not seem to matter...yummy solids..stole my heart.
On the Asparagus and the Pansy, I got an extra yard each, as they were end of bolt.!!
This Saturday, our Guild has an all day Sit and Sew...called Christmas in July.
As I have never really been a rule follower..I am bringing this...
Halloween fabrics are a favorite of mine.

My daughter sent me pictures of her his garden produce.
I felt a bit on the jealous man always had a garden for us..
Then I saw son and the children had planted in pots..
I am so lucky.

I keep asking 9 year old Dylan why I am so very tired.
His answer is always the same...Because you are a grandma.
Maybe he is right.  I am 7 weeks out now from my fourth joint replacement.

My son loves to work on cars....He still gives a great hug!!!
And, I take it every time.
My making an easy crock pot dinner..set Lynsey free to make desserts!!
Not willing to settle for one, she made lemon pudding in cupcake cups and a big ol"
chocolate pudding pie...You go Lynsey.
Dylan has trouble falling asleep and a hard time getting up.
He begged for one of these on Prime Day.
The other two were jealous...Now we have 3 of them.

My man had 8  to 10 luscious rose bushes. They are about 10 years old..The Knock Out ones.
Lately, I see that they are dying...all of them...
Isn't it enough to loose my man without losing his roses too???

Even with the sad roses, and my painful bones...
Every Day is the Best Day Ever.


Cathy Cartledge said...

Oh, Diane. Prune the roses. Weed and mulch. Give them the coffee grounds. They will come back.

Connie said...

I have a suggestion for your roses, it might be worth a try. Dissolve a cup off Epsom salts in a five gallon bucket of water and water each one really good. Then feast on bananas and hang the peels in the branches. in a day or two you won't notice the banana peels, they will turn black and blend into the color of the stems. It's worth a try.
I love that you don't turn down hugs from your very dirty son, LOL. Hugs are the best! That why we have washing machines, right?
Stay happy,
Connie :)

Mystic Quilter said...

Yep, you are so right Diane - every day is the best day ever and we must make the most of it! Just look at those luscious tomatoes, nothing better than going outside to pick one fresh from the vine. You have your son back at home, you have three gorgeous grandchildren and a helper to prepare dessert!!
I love my roses but I too see that some of mine are giving up. They need a lot of attention and I have not been gardening over the past three years as I used to. A good feed now and a good prune early Winter may help them.