Sunday, July 21, 2019

Two Steps Forward....

Kaffe laminate on the outside.
Tutorial from Laminate toiletry bag by Polka Dot Chair.
Laminate on the inside.
Putting those little helpful clips inside.
This is for a thank you gift...I just could not wrap my head around the second part of the tute..
OMG  What would life be like without a friend like Sherry to help me out!!!!
My son is saving me $150 by  taking apart the outdoor AC and cleaning it.
Besides other things, it was full of Zoe's hair...He also found a baby snake.
Below...OK Connie...The roses have been soaked with Epson Salts and water.
Note the black banana peel hanging from the branches...
We are trying anything.
In a few days, we will cut them back ....OMG  My man loved these roses.

Today I opened the blinds in my bedroom, something new for me....
Last week, I went to Walmart.  I have not done that since Christmas.
With the thrill of a one year old child...I can walk.
I can walk without a cane...such joy..

Today, I went to a clothing store...
I got light-headed...
I recouped in the car.
 I came home with one blouse.
Because I am no longer decisions are sketchy.
My only hope is that my daughter does not come visit and decide I have chosen
something better suited for a 12 year old...

I read a always taking journal notes into my phone on the wisdom I discover.

When my husband died, I got a string of black bracelets...Each year he was gone, I added one.
Today I threw them away.
He would be horrified to think I still had them 4 years later.

Cjsmimi  Please send me  your email address so I can properly thank you for your nice comment xo

Today was a really good day.  I am getting better.
The children are coming home tomorrow so they can go to camp.
Every day I say a prayer of thanks for how well their parents are doing..

Now, if someone could come help me clean my sewing room!!!!!!
Oh, well...xo


Mystic Quilter said...

So happy to read this post Diane, although the snake sound a bit creepy!! I think you have certainly done the best thing with the bracelets, I'm sure it was difficult. The news that you are waking now without a cane is heartwarming, I'm so happy to hear that news, and I too find my sewing room needs a good tidy up!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Oh my surprise! I started reading "just a few posts" to learn a little about you. You live a fascinating life, by the way. Anywho, here I am, still lurking and reading and an hour has passed. I'm aware of this only because my husband has returned from the store with the stuff I needed to mop the house. He sort of upset me by returning, but I did make a deal with the devil. So off to mop I am. I'll return, but I'm setting a timer!