Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Project Bag and the Titanic

The Project Bag
The front, with clear vinyl...using my Australian fabrics.
I buy my zippers on Zipit.
 Sometimes they will include a cute little zipper pull in the bag.

The back of my project bag..another Australian fabric.
My project bag ended up 15" x14"
I like this way, because it is just bound and there is no
yucky turn inside out with vinyl.
Here are some other tutes I found online.
Crafty Gemini project bag tute
Project bag
Project box Fat Quarter Shop

The added handle is very convenient
This was my first time making this project....Next time, I would make the binding 3 inches instead of 2.5"
Because, when I needed to trim the vinyl to fit the binding, I cut off my mitered edges...ugh.
I needed then to do some zig-zag repair.
I would for sure, use my walking foot for most everything but the zipper.
My bag is a bit wrinkled on top because I was not thinking.

The children are home from their fun beach drama...just fun.
Evan bought himself a present...a dead baby shark in a jar...OMG  Age..14???

My son just killed a snake in our garage...all the kids were screaming as he cut off the head.
Online we went to see different kinds of not my idea of fun.

Evan then kept coming in my sewing room telling my Alexa to play Jingle Bells at high volume.
Dear me...driven to the drink...OK..water...but still.
Grateful, I found where my son hides the double stuff Oreos.

The new swing is up now for the children...the old was full of mildew and ripped.
On the 4th..Eamon saw that I was sad...After the sparklers...when I went to bed...My son had put new linens on my bed and had made it up nicely with the pretty quilts.  When I got up in the morning, I found he had made sugar cookies...This is real love and joy!!

I have made some very nice friends lately...Folks who understand pain and grief..
Also, back at the pool, I feel more human.
Tonight I was able to use the steps instead of the wheelchair ramp...a miracle
at a my meeting.

Evidently my darling grands watched the Titanic at the beach with their mother.
At home now, they have dressed up for a Titanic party before the ship sinks...
You know this is all Lynsey's idea...her brother Dylan...goes along for the ride.
They are so close.  Lynsey is already worrying that in a year, she will have to go
to middle school without he is one year behind her.
An eventful weekend...Big brother at a sleepover...The other two are getting
ready for summer camp tomorrow.
I am getting ready for some Mrs. O'Quilts relaxation and fun.


http://thankfullga447 said...

your project bag came out great. Us cross stitchers use them all the time. I have made a few also.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Had to laugh about the Oreos. I would have turned the house upside down to find them;).