Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Happy, Sad, Grateful Life...

It is MP's birthday...that means...
More laminate zipper pouches from the tutorial on my last post.
The story...Irish zipper pull from a piece of jewelry.

Larger laminate pouch...This was my third try. Even then, I  had my zipper wonky.
This is my second try..It was perfect until I found the zipper was inside the bag, unreachable
instead of on the outside.  I had to cut it off and add velcro...
Oh, well...the learning curve...again..still learning....
I popped it into the larger bag for a set.
Here she is...

Dylan earning his two dollars...cutting up a Goodwill shirt for fabric.
Cut shirts all folded.
Of course...all my favorite folks seem to swear by this:
13" x 13"   Stay tuned.

How to stay alive at the O'Quilts house.:
Invite your healthy and knowledgeable son to live with you.
Grandma O'Quilts made a terrible mess.

Below, Grandma's clean computer table.

The story:  An exhausting day...My knee is perfect, but the rest of me is not.
Came home to read stories and relax...not so fast.
I  just took my dinner and a lovely glass of red wine to my computer table.
Boom went my shaky hand with the entire glass of wine spilling all over the keyboard,
all over the computer table and evidently all over the wall.
The nice clean spot you see on my oilcloth table is usually piled high with papers,etc/
Evidently it had other  junk there too....We heard a pop...a penny fell...the extension cord
was just far enough out..a little gap, from the wall...when the penny..wet with wine hit it.
Bingo a short.
My son cleaned the entire thing up..
After his meeting tonight, he is going to replace the socket.
Life as we know it hangs by such a slender threat..
No relaxing tonight!!

Below...:  A personal Rant...You can scroll on by...

An American rant...or something like that in this unfair world.
Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck
 Of course this is not it is not...oh, maybe it could be!!!
Oh, now it is...

Our beloved nanny had a heart attack.two months ago.  She cannot work.
She used to work 3 jobs...She is a CNA.  She is a great worker.
Now, she struggles to pay her bills and her heart medication.
She has been working since she was 14.
She is proud.
She is 60 years what.??

My husband and I both are well educated...We did quite well...all is paid off..
We had saved for retirement.
He suffered and died of ALS/ Motor Neuron Disease.
Care-giving for an ALS patient who is paralyzed is $5000 a month....Who has that?
Caring for my mother with Parkinsons was $5000 a month.
I am on a fixed my age raising three children...hmm..
I am retired after a lifetime of work.

The children had to stop karate...after 4 years...Sometimes, Lynsey still gets tears in her eyes...
As a black belt, she was so good at Karate.and she misses it so.
She is learning a life lesson...She is only 10/

I am not complaining!!I am loved and have a good life.
I have had a wonderful life.
The children are safe and happy and their parents are now involved.

55% of Americans can be done in by a catastrophic illness.
I so needed this rant.

Now, back to quilting.


Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

It didn't take you long to get those shirts in your stash! Good job Dylan!
I certainly understand your rant. Medical costs and insurance are unbearable for most Americans. Thank goodness your son is able to help with his many skills for fixing things and cleaning messes. That electrical accident must have scared the wits out of you.

Connie said...

Sometimes you just need to get thinks off your chest and a good rant is needed. Life is absolutely not a bed of roses and sometimes it feels so unfair. I've been going through that lately,too . . . what with my loving husband's illness. Hallelujah! We don't have to walk it alone.

Your story about your glass of wine and the penny . . . wow, things can chance so fast can't they? I'm so happy that you have a knowledgeable son to help you out with this.

Shasta Matova said...

What a scary mishap with the socket! I can imagine it could easily happen to me. I fully agree with your rant. Americans don't need handouts - they need to be paid fair wages, and corporations need to stop being so greedy. Then we would be able to save up. Also things have to be priced more reasonably, and after paying insurance that doesn't cover much, there isn't money to save up.