Tuesday, July 23, 2019

This Kite can Fly Without a String

One of my many many many UFOs
No wonder I get nothing done..I have hundreds of unfinished objects.
TIny design wall on the back of the sewing room door.
Having just the two younger ones home now...they go to camp in the day.
Tonight we played UNO and I read four chapters from this book
I was surprised that it held the attention of ages 9 and 10
We all enjoyed it.  Tomorrow I have promised the same.
Originally published in 1918, our copy was from 1946
Well....I am from 1947..That means this book is quite the vintage piece...
Like me, it shows its wear and tear.
My brother's nickname was Chip...

This past Monday started out great...my ego was high..I was superwoman.
Then, I went to physical therapy at 9:45...OMG  the leg bike, the arm bike, the steps, the
leg slides, the 4 pound weights, the 5 pound weights, the ice packs and stimulating prods..
I left in tears.
I took myself to Chinese lunch, then right home to bed.

For the rest of the day, I felt ill and wasted.
Sad and disappointed at my lack of energy, my ego deflated.
My expectations of myself...It is not like I was rollerskating...!!!!!!
Why why why...I lament...do I have no energy????

Today is Tuesday, 25% off at Goodwill for seniors...55 and up.....I needed nothing by the way...
Except these $3 men's purple shirts to cut up for cotton fabric
I got some $1 bills today.  I am going to pay the children to cut up the shirts.
 And this $1.50 vintage bowl that will fit nowhere in my crowed kitchen
This 50 cent vintage glass...already in use with Trader Joe's Shiraz
I waste no time.

Today was a far cry from Monday...I have not been to Goodwill in maybe  a year.
Then I went by to see Peggy at AAA sewing.
These were great outings for the formerly disabled me.

At Christmas, I bought these Chinese feet...Alas...when I got the energy to use them now, they did not attach to my foot hook..ugh....The measurement for my Janome 8900 is too big.
I gave my daughter my beloved 6600 and the feet fit hers...she has a set too.
At Peggy's shop today, I bought the proper attachment to hold these feet on my 8900
I wanted to try it on at the shop...Nooo..the 8900 is now old and new machines have taken their place.

And so it goes...a good day, a bad day and days in-between
I am once again hopeful!!

Just a reminder to myself...I have free will


Susan Dunne-Lederhaas said...

Wow! That was quite a day! I loved reading about reading to your grandchildren.. I read to Irene and Matthew until they were teenagers and beyond at times! They still talk about those memories! They are now 51 and 46.. Love the purple shirts, what a great idea to have the children cut up the cloth and pay them! Keep on trucking..been there, I know it is hard.. I will be having surgery for my very large hiatal hernia September 6 th.. It has been pushing my stomach up into the esophagus and causing 4 hospital stays this year..time for intervention! Hugs, Susan D-L

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

My mother used to love to say, "there's only one thing you can do." Followed by, "keep putting one foot in front of the other." I have no idea if that's a saying or just something from momma, but it applies every day.
You're the best grandmother! I love that you read to them. When she was little my granddaughter struggled with reading. We spent the summer practicing with a Dick and Jane reader. By the time she started back, she had caught up and kept up with her class. I think it was just the steady practice that helped. It really doesn't matter when the book was written. If they enjoy it, read it!

Nancy said...

This is just to say I love your blog. You have such a good attitude even with all the challenges you face. I especially like your scrappy log cabin quilt in the first photo. And who can resist a good buy or two at a thrift shop? Not me! I love your idea of paying the children to cut up the shirts. I'll have to remember than when my little grands come to visit.