Monday, July 8, 2019

Project bag again...PT and more

A very tiring day led me to make another project bag just so I could get it right.
I used my favorite African fabric
No matter how I try...mistakes happen.
This glitter vinyl was brought to me by Cousin Ann from London.
Zipper pull from sale section of Michael's jewelry department
Another mistake...I should have put the handles on from the back.
This bag finished 14.5 by 14.5 inches.
The changes of 3 inch binding was perfect.
I hated to use my favorite fabric...really???

My girl and her man and her dog took some ferry from their camp site and
ended up camping on a Canadian island.

Rosie will be one year old tomorrow....
My girl is making her doggie cupcakes to share at the dog park.

I will not worry.....I will not worry...Ok..I will not.
Now, my 36 year old daughter has decided to go hiking and camping with her dog and
two girl friends for two nights....
 Why can't she is so much safer.!!!!!
What about the bears??  What about the perverts??
Oh, Mother...just chill.

Good thing I did not now there are 4 women and 3 dogs going on the trip.
I am exhausted just thinking about it.

Actually physical therapy exhausted me today...2 hours of new stuff.
OMG  The PT must think I am 30 instead of over the hill..
I went out to a nice lunch, to Hobby Lobby and now to bed.
I am getting better..


Cherie said...

I did chuckle about your daughter's camping trip.. We never ever stop worrying. Why would we? They are our babies no matter how old they are.

Mystic Quilter said...

A lovely photograph of your daughter and Rosie and just look at that scenery!!!
I should think with all the dogs around the girls will be fine - don't worry! In fact because I'm so late reading posts she will have been back home a while ago!