Friday, July 12, 2019

O'Quilt Ramblings

Thank you dear Eithne, for  this adorable cat vinyl you brought all the way from Ireland for me.
I love you Eithne.

Tonight I ventured to make a reusable snack bag for Lynsey.
 Evidently it is true...the best learning comes from mistakes.
I have made 6 trillion of these.  AND  I watched the below video to be sure
I did it right....nope...I did it wrong...but I re-grouped and it worked out just fine..
How I made this mistake, I do not know.
I just zigzagged the edges and voila....still usable.
This is the link I used.
Mine is lined with Rip Stop

I have had a problem putting the names on these bags nicely.
This marker on muslin did OK for awhile
On the cat one, I wrote on ribbon and sewed it into the side.
Any suggestions will be appreciated...The children use these all the time.
Camp, school snacks, car snacks...just rinse them out and use them again.

From the library came this book
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
 Examples from Modern Quilt Magic...which I found quite interesting.

Yesterday was 7-11-19...Which of course meant it was free slurpee day at the 7-11 store.
A line of children having a field day.

Now..The three children are in the kitchen...all helping the 9 year old make pancakes.
He insisted that tonight was his night to make dinner as  his siblings did it the other nights.
His bro and sis are guiding him.. It is adorable...
All this even though, I had already made spaghetti...

I thought you might be interested in seeing the pupcakes my daughter made for Rosie's first birthday party.  Pumpkin Peanut butter pupcakes with salmon mousse topping
Here is Rosie's birthday party at the dog park...
That girl of mine is nuts about animals.

Look at the doctor fabric I found in my stash.
It is perfect for potholders for my ortho surgeon.
He has done all four of my successful joint replacement surgeries.
Guess I  did him in, as he is retiring in December.

I love having the stash for all seasons.
50 years of fabric collecting..

The physical therapist told me today that I was overdoing it.
She said I had had trauma physically and emotionally and had to slow down.
OK already OK....I usually have two and stop.
She promised that every week she will give me hope.
I am so grateful for people who encourage me on.


Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

I'm glad you have a good physical therapist who recognizes the emotional as well as the physical. I wanted at first to say "yum" to the cupcakes... until I read PUP cakes, ha ha. Dog parks (and dogs) are wonderful.

Mystic Quilter said...

Hope the doggies enjoy their treats! How were the pancakes?

Michele Bilyeu said...

Loved all of this! Your grands are always adorable...human or canine. The pupcakes cracked me up but i loved them and Rosie's birthday party!