Monday, July 29, 2019

Getting Scary in July

Thrilled have this Halloween top finished.
This is the back fabric.
On the design wall: handy cordless Panasonic
Beautiful, fine batik spider web
Including the spiders
The choices are endless. Having such a good time admiring my fabric.
I have been saving Halloween fabric for years....
Fabric choices may be endless, but I am not.
Time to sew with it.
Zoe is 12...guess I am not the only old one in this house.
Look at all her white fur now...We love our Zoe.

My doctor said I need a vacation....I agree!!

My physical therapist frets that I should not be so tired after my work out
 I should  not have to nap all day, exhausted.
So back off to my PCP I went today.
During my blood work, I met a new friend who is now in social work school.
Got her chatting so I would  not feel the needle.
Next week I have to have a heart be sure the operations and stresses of my
life are not doing me in.

I am relieved to have all that in place.
My poor body does not know what hit it at PT with bar bells,
bicycle, arm bike, stretches...OMG
I am now 8 weeks out from knee replacement surgery. My knee is perfect.
The rest of me, not so much.

Funny, how when it comes to finishing off a Halloween flimsy..
I have tons of energy!!
My heart beats just fine.


Connie said...

Fun Post!!! I love the idea of sewing while traveling down the highway . . . but how distracting would that be for the driver? LOL

Mystic Quilter said...

So you're all ready to go for Halloween now! Good luck with the echo, I have to say the PT you're doing seems so full on it's no wonder you're done in at the finish!!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

There is no way I could keep up with you at PT! You are doing too much. Tell your therapist that! The vacay does sound good, though. :)
As for the Halloween fabric, it's as cute and fun as possible. I especially like the backing fabric.