Friday, March 13, 2020

A Learning Curve

Grandma does Wabi-Sabi on Granddaddy's chair..The fake leather is ripped.
Everyone wants to keep the comfy chair.
I cannot afford to redo I am covering it with some of my old clothes
from countries I traveled to when I was young..
They are certainly antiques now!!
Next, I will work on the chair's arms.
Total made:  4 burp cloths.
Thinking of my man..he just loved bluebirds.
 Kind and good Susie gave me this...She knew that I was raised in Arizona..
Dylan learns about the he cleans the utility sink in the laundry room.
The children are so not happy that they have to pick up the slack from their older brother.
He has another virus and is at his mother's house.
Lynsey is growing out her hair so she will look cool for middle school in 5 months.
She took a book from the library on sign language..She is already practicing.
She is so disappointed that her tour of her new school has been cancelled because of the virus.

If a person is 72 with asthma....It does not mean she needs to stay home from bars
and the roller derby....Does it??? Asking for a friend.

Can you believe my friend P just got home from Switzerland today...squeezed on a too full flight.
Security took away her HAND SANITIZER!!!

I went to the elementary school today to drop off a quilt for a sick friend.
The principal was out sick with the flu.
The school nurse was sick.
And, there were 70 children sick and absent.
Me thinks that one time to go to bed before the creepy thoughts start up.
Good night!

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