Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Day Eight of Awareness

Successful masks.finally...Tute sent by Emily...used above  We adjusted it to 5.5 x 9
and 6 inch elastic. I am sending off these three to the hospice in Miami that has nothing at all to protect the workers...I will wait for my friend's response before I make more.
I am using batiks because of the close weave.
These are the Masks requested by Atrium but they will take any mask at all as of 3/25/20

The unsuccessful mask above...put me in quite the snit...but it was late at night...
My son used it anyway, today visiting the bank.
Below is the fabric he requested for his permanent one.  Done!
Some times our lives are just the pits...And, each bump brings back all the other bumps we have had  before
Someone here could not get a grip last night nor this morning...And then...then...
The kindness of a friend changed it all around in a sec...
Look at the beautiful new yard of Tula Pink fabric that was left on my front porch...bag handle sanitized and all.
I have been eyeing her new collection, but knew that new fabric was not in my purse at this time.
Well..that kindness of a me out of bed..into the shower, reading in the sun, making masks and generally getting energized...I thank you so much, my friend.  Evidently Quilt Patch Fabric was having a event...order online and drive by to pick up...ha ha..just like pizza.

More on the happy list.  Dylan is now 10...all his life his mother has called him, Dyl...or Dill
as in Dill Pickle...and all three children love pickles.
At Christmas I was ordering monkey socks for my son-in-law when I saw these perfect.
Christmas came...and I had lost them.
Dylan's birthday came...socks not found..then yesterday, they appeared out of the blue on my
bureau...wahoo...Of course they are men's size, but our Dylan loves them.

I am so trying to handle this latest crisis with aplomb.  However, I think my psychic strength has eroded....I think I am going to listen to my sister-in-law in Ireland....a lifelong teacher.
Let them be kids and play and read...They are stressed too.. They will catch up.
Grateful that the high schooler is isolating with his mother  She is making him be responsible with his online great!!

Next sewing machine I am getting will fit in my car..where I go for respite from chaos and noise...sometimes.

Thanks to a whirl of folks, the children's Chrome books now work.
First on the phone with a smart teacher.
She waited 30 minutes on a phone call from the central district school's internet coordinator, without any response.
She sent me to the school for help from the technology teacher...
That teacher said it was our home internet because the chrome books worked at school
The children had to come with me as I am tech ignorant...

All the end of the day, my smart daughter fixed it remotely from Portland, Ore.
Now, we are all set...Except the children think they are on vacation..and they are stressed and loud and boisterous...They do not want to do school work...
They want to play spy or hide and seek or teacher with the stuffed animals.

My ribbon from the show...notes said great use of and great quilting..Katy.
My very favorite quilt artist of all times:

I love her work and her blog posts.
She has been a blogging friend for 10 years.
I was so hoping to meet her when she came to America this time,
For some reason our guild could not have her.
I am sad...Now, I am old and wobbly, probably will not have a chance anymore to meet her.

However, now we have other things to worry about..and we stay home and we
fret and we sew and we eat too much...and we breathe and sigh and carry on just fine.
Me thinks that this is not the time to whip myself into shape...sigh..

Just sharing my life as it is now....
Home Schooling

"Want of Foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong.  These are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history."
Winston Churchill.
Posted by Ann at the blog Fret Not Yourself.


Mystic Quilter said...

I'm sure the grandchildren will settle down in a few days - they will probably feel the stress as you do.
Just keep on trying to find things to enjoy - you're already sewing masks and hauled out the excercise bike, use the new fabric from Tula Pink in a new projects. These are difficult times indeed and it's important to keep in touch with family and friends by different means to our usual.
Keep well and safe all of you.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

What a fun and kind thing for your friend to leave the fabric on your doorstep. Cute dill pickle socks for your Dyl. Nicknames are so endearing. Nice job on your masks. I'm thinking of making a few - waiting for some supplies to arrive.