Sunday, March 22, 2020

Day Five of Self Isolation..hmmmmm

Read all about it!!!
Yeah, North Carolina!!! Mask City!!! Saves the Day.

Above, the last two receiving blankets..
Below, my porch..a sanctuary in tough times.
In the new circumstances, Grandma O'Quilts has had the porch re-arranged.
Life saving things like a quilter's cutting mat and , and....
The old exercise bike not used for  years...pulled out of the garage.
A poor substitute for the pool, but it may just get the job done until it opens again.
See my book in place....I can only do five minutes...but really, 5 is better than nothing,
or, so they say.

Do your homework darlings...NO!!!
Grandma....It is Sunday!!
Who knew??
I told them reading was for every day...Look..just look!!
Reading on grandma's bike...honestly!!!!.
Guessing I was dreaming that it would be off limits.
My son has been to so many stores.
I am grateful that now we are all set for a month with food.
Now, I hear that half the virus cases here are people 30 to
my son was at risk all the time..
OMG...I told him he could only do isolated jobs like gardening or handy man things where there are no crowds...nothing else.

If I document each day of isolation, it might just be too many many blog posts.
Hopefully, I will get to quilting my 100 UFOs
My outreach quilts, and bags, etc.
Three days till the sun comes back and beautiful spring comes to Charlotte.

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