Thursday, March 19, 2020

As Our World Turns

Sitting on the porch reading, on a lovely day
Second day of homeschooling..
Writing in their journals in their  tent.
Zoe is the guard dog of the day.

Nothing soothes the soul like a gift of cup fabric..
Arriving today in a ratty and ripped Amazon Box,  were these:
I have been watching too much dire news.
The rescue came from dear Drenna..
Now, if this may be my last week on earth...what the heck.
I love indulgence!!

Today, the dog and children were washed after a fun time at the creek behind our house...
Can you believe they wore their bathing March??
I think their father loved it too.

I have been reading outside, napping and enjoying the glory of nature.
Back inside making stuffed peppers for dinner.
Perusing the food.. I had thought we were all set..
No frozen corn??

Ok...Then I looked at the yummy big 25 pound turkey my son bought yesterday
Gulp....It was not a 25 pound turkey, it was a $25 turkey...certainly tiny and even a bit puny.
At first I just took a deep breath...then I realized I was lucky to have it at all..
A portent of times to come...scarcity and increased prices.
We Americans  have been very lucky.  An entire country in adversity is rare for us.

I heard my grandmother's voice...Never waste anything...cook by your own taste, there may not be enough for a recipe, ,but  you can still make it taste good...
We had so many beans in the chili yesterday that poor Dylan got the runs...sigh.

I used 6 fresh peppers for tonight's  dinner, then I said to self, maybe I used too many...There will not be enough for tomorrow....Then I chopped the  tops finely and froze them.
This family eats big...especially little Lynsey..
.OMG..Every 3 hours she wants to know what is for snack.

Day two of confinement and I have already used up 2 jars of spaghetti sauce..OMG
And three cans of beans...OMG and we have no frozen corn.
Eamon got potting soil and seeds for tomatoes...bush beans etc.
We have little sun in our backyard and the front yard is full of deer.
We will find a way.

I wish my grandmother was here now...Oh, maybe she is.
I see her clear as day making leftovers so tasty and being so thrifty.
It is a new day for me, the next grandma in the kitchen.

Still trying to set up the school's chrome book for Dylan..
Not in my skill set.

Feeling a bit guilty drinking anything Corona...but ..I have to cheer the day.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I had the best luck with my tomato plants that were only in partial sun the last 2 years. In the sunny spot they didn't do so well. I planted Early Girl and 4th of July varieties and they did really well.

Teresa said...

Your Homeschooling going Great - that made me laugh! Thanks!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Our kids put us into quarantine almost 2 weeks ag. We go outside to work in yard or walk in country parks with few people. I miss my kids and grandkids terribly. No contact at all. Four under five including a newborn I've only held once 😥😥😥😥

As hard as it with three kids there as I'm sure it is, at least you get to see yours. I can't 😪 Your son is am amazing helper and hard worker!
Loved your homeschool sign. Am sending it to family members! 🤣🤧😷
Hang in there. We have a long ride on an old tired mile ahead!