Saturday, March 21, 2020

Day Four...Ha Ha..No Schooling What-so- Ever

Where is Waldo???
Ok...time for Grandma's walk to the end of the street.
Where are you??  Where are you??
I guess at ages 10 and 11...On a great spring day...having fun is just wonderful schooling.

There is no guilt here, I always liked the 4 day workweek. When I worked at the Indian reservation, I had that...Nice!!!...Anyway, they are again at the creek with their father..
.I am breathing and ignoring the idea of snakes and poison ivy...
I have enough to fill my brain.
 So they are studying creeks?????

When they get back, they will load the little peat pots with seeds...
That should be educational..Science??

Lynsey made blueberry muffins and tea while I was reading outside.
Cooking and measuring?
Tonight they will read...( I forgot)

This is a great article.....Mask making!!!  Great...

Thanks to Sherry, I have elastic...Emily and I are going to work on this tonight.
She made these:
She said that the top one comes out nicer.  Will send them to Miami
for my friend and will see which style she prefers.
Tomorrow I will try out mine. I will skip the bottom one.
Every day the news on masks and virus and whatever...changes..
Batik has a tighter weave.  I wonder if that would be safer.

Now, the school superintendent says no way school will start again on April 1st.

I am supposed to be dropping a few pounds in my tummy for my hernia operation...
However, I am a stress eater...and stress is here!!!
My guess is that I am not the only one around the world and here at home that feels stress!!!

My girl told me to order food from the local store for pick up., thus I do not have to risk old me with asthma...I am sooo wanting to go myself...but, even though I am not a rule follower, I am listening.
I did that tonight...and...the next available slot for me to pick up food is next Saturday, the 28th at noon.  Can you believe it...and...they warn that the food may not be available...I get that part...but a week wait..Good thing I did this ahead of time.

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

One of the articles I read said to use tightly woven fabric so I am going to use batik