Sunday, March 1, 2020

A Wonderful Happy Birthday to My Girl xoxox

Oh, my girl I am so proud of you.
You learned music from your daddy
You learned something from your ma...
You and your brother used to be tight...before the storm.
 You married a wonderful man..just perfect for you
After high school, auditioning oboe for Manhattan School of Music and Julliard.
Happy you ended up at Carnegie Mellon.
An Irish dance champion...Yo mama made this dress. xoxo of my favorite memories..I was on an airplane trip when the plane broke down in Managua, Nicaragua....I missed Halloween.
I used to love Halloween..making costumes for my darlings.
This is the morning I finally got  home...and Mr O'Quilts had them all
dressed up for me to see.
A memory of such love

And so it goes...
Happiest Birthday ever, Emily.
Wishing you many more wonderful years ahead


Cjsmimi said...

Beautiful memories and beautiful you, Mrs. O'Quilts!

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh Diane - such wonderful photographs you're sharing with us, thank you so much, what a treat to see them and read the stories behind them. I hope Emily had a wonderful birthday.