Monday, February 15, 2021

Celebrating Making Do

For some feels like the evening of doom???  Must be the weather.
So, what does a quilter do when the night gets long..?? Makes strips?  I think that is like making lemonade out of lemons??  But, so much more fun. Scraps are my heaven. comes Aoife....

Proud as punch.  Aoife crawls under the dining room table from the playroom to join Rosie.
And, from her front porch, my daughter watches folks ski down her street. At heart I think I still belong in Miami. Actually, I am watching this movie,...Tortilla Soup...and missing Miami right now.

Here in Charlotte, the cold and rainy mess continues....Here came cheer!!

Thank you dear Boo...on my lap, while I nap.
A cat and a book and a quilt!!!

Valentine's Day.  I think my son is sad he does not have a Valentine.
I could let myself get sad that I do not have one either.
Not going there, because I got my second shot a week ago Tuesday. Who would have dreamed how important that would have been a year ago!! Then...I am going to go roller skating and hoverboarding...
I might jump rope or hopscotch...Wahoo!  It will feel like that anyway.  I might just go out to lunch with some vaccinated friend with our masks, at an outside table!!!

My son found vintage cap guns in the attic...My grands are thrilled with them.  We are looking for those paper caps...the red rolls...cannot find....I found a few EMPTY boxes for $10...Jeeze...the caps are now vintage!!

The midnight hour requires more cutting with my Accuquilt Go.
When I bought it 10  years ago...and rarely used it!!!, How would I have known that
now, I would come to love it....and, alas, have arthritis.  Looking back, I should have bought the electric one.
Here are leftover bits.  I threw them away.  Not going to make a crumb quilt.
Trying to accept my life the way it is. Getting rid of crumbs and dust bunnies...OK, just crumbs.



Mystic Quilter said...

Nothing beats sewing a bunch of strips together when we're not sure which project to work on! Beautiful little Aoife seems to be great friends with Rosie, I think children growing up with dogs is perfect, I always had a doggy pal and so did our three young ones. Not to worry about the Valentine situation, John and I completely forgot until Saturday evening.Congrats on the second shot - still be careful as it takes a couple of weeks or so to get the protection. Your words about the cap guns and red rolls takes me back to when I was a kid, Dad was hooked on 'Cowboys and Indians" and this passed on to me. I still have my toy bejewelled belt and holster with a silver gun.

Mystic Quilter said...

Forgot to say that Dad also taught me to be a good shot with a bow and arrow. Thank goodness things have changed now and we are more aware!

Shasta Matova said...

Your strips are so pretty - love the fun and funky fabrics! I am glad you got your second dose and are all vaccinated now. It is too cold here to eat outside.