Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Tiring Day

Thank you Lynsey!!  One week after turning 12, her mouth is flapping...OMG
Talking back to her dear sweet grandmother is one thing, but talking sass to her father??
I have been working on WIPs and UFOs...Sick of it...so I took some orphan blocks and some plaids and started two new things.  The above squares are leftover from a quilt that my girl made for her MIL about 6 years ago.  My mind owes the Guild 2 baby quilts, so doing a bit of improv here with fox fabric..Stay tuned.
Hour glass in plaids....I have been collecting plaids forever...These are all cut 10 inches, ready to stitch.
I used the method of sewing around the circumference and slicing down the middle method.  So easy.

There is absolutely no reason I should be irritated tonight, except the audacity of Lynsey.  Surprise!!!

I had my hair cut in my driveway  yesterday.
I am two weeks safely passed my second shot.
The weather is atrocious, but the sun will come out tomorrow!!
Sewing has been fun today.
My son did the dinner and the dinner dishes.

For some reason,  the Easter 6 year anniversary of my husband's death by ALS is approaching.
Instead of waiting till Easter, my heart, mind and soul are reacting now..??
Crazy life.
Oh, well, some days are better than others.
Looking forward to a visitor tomorrow and the sun.  We have 3 Daffodils now.. 

Word from Portland tonight: Dearest 7 month old Aoife is currently speed crawling, standing up all the time, eating dirt out of the plants, drinking water out of the dog's bowl, etc. Spilling dog's water all over the floor and herself, and practicing her newly acquired high pitched screeching. Sometimes a long distance Grandma is just fine with me.

Sweet Caroline   Just sayin...Neil Diamond is currently 80 years old...

Neil Diamond on Coronavirus


Linda Swanekamp said...

I used to teach middle school art, I know all about (more than I want) about 12 year olds. So sorry grief has been sneaking in and flooring you. Glad to see your UFO finishes.

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh dear I've been so lax with blog reading!! Great look with the plaid for Hourglass blocks and so good to hear you've had your second shot!!Anniversaries seem to creep up upon us so quickly and I can't believe it's six years since we learned of the death of your husband.
I'm sure the news from Portland about Aoife will cheer you and I love your last few words about a long distance Grandma!

Michele Bilyeu said...

I am laughing, crying, and understanding even from a far with you. It will be time to go back into the world for me soon. Pretty sure I am not yet ready for it. Humans 101. Even at 12. Oh the glorious years of loving so deeply and that hardest first cut of the umbilical cord. But oh the joy that comes with new life, too. Keep feeling that joy Diane. hugs 🎈