Monday, February 1, 2021

The New Month of 2021; February

My February UFO challenge includes machine appliqueing these three pieces, fused forever ago..Maybe 3 or 5 years?  Must be the fault of my cataracts that make my stitches a bit irregular.
This is the problem of a long wait to sew a fused project.  A piece or two fell off and are lost???
Some workshop helped me produce this African-like tree.
Growing up in Phoenix, I kind of think, this tree looks arid.
This task is all but finished....It is the (but)....that is the problem...finding the missing piece or making a new one........some day....Oh, well...somehow, the pattern appeared, happenstance under orange webbing saved for sponges...Now, to find the fabric, in a box in my son's room and he is asleep.
This pattern said it was drawn by the author, Betty Boynik, The pamphlet says 1974..
So glad I keep everything...maybe lose it, but keep it.  My life is like a scavenger hunt and I do not know what I am looking for...Surprise!! When I find it.

Last night I used my wedge die on some new African fabric...Hmmm
I am trying to be calm as I wait the next 9 days for my second vaccine....There is hope..
I see now, that I should have fussy cut the stripes and not just stuck the fabric in the cutter.
Also, my new design boards are not working.  The tape is already coming loose from the batting and will have to be stapled as before.
Below are the luscious scraps I have been fondling last night..My kind of meditation!!

February brings Lynsey's birthday, Dylan's birthday, Emily and Brian's wedding anniversary, Valentines day...Sunday afternoon, Eamon took the kids, double masked to Aldi for the weekly shopping. Lynsey has in mind the week's menu, starting with stuffed peppers tomorrow night.  It is easy- peasy when both kids help. Then, in minutes, they have eaten it all up and are still hungry.
After Aldi, their daddy took them once again to some hill in the woods behind our house to roll down.  They love spooky things..TBTG they have a daddy around for these things now.

Last night
, Lynsey made dinner and a salad....Next Lynsey and  Grandma played two hands of canasta and two hands of Old Maid.
She bribed me with the making of brownies for the playing of more cards.  
I think it was a win-win situation.
Today is more remote schooling and continued cold weather (37 degrees F)
I just ate my blueberry breakfast and watched a news clip.  This specialist said that the Covid hurricane worse than #5, is up ahead.  He also said that 30 percent of Americans only cover their mouth with the mask, not the nose.  Whatever...It is too early now for anxiety, so I am off to find the repair fabric for my block

The Repair:
In 30 minutes it is fixed....Hmmm 30 min vs 4 or 5 years????



livelymonkey said...

Diane I love 1930-40’s patterns and applique. Printed this one out..... for “ sometime “!!

Kaja said...

Well, however long it took you, I like your finished applique blocks a lot.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I have some bags around that have more than aged. I am trying to solve the problems that got them so stalled. Thanks for sharing.