Saturday, February 27, 2021

All About Turning Eleven and Feeling Free

Dylan turns 11.  Lynsey wrapped his presents....What???? She used my favorite fabric.
Well, I  must say that she is clever, and no paper waste for the environment.  I got to look at pretty fabric as I folded it and put it away.. The party was a great success.
Plus, Lynsey wrote notes for a scavenger hunt for her brother.  She said that she is just following in Granddaddy's footsteps...Tradition...I am so pleased.!!!
He picked out his cake.  He had thought it was an ice cream cake, but it was just a frozen regular cake.
Yummy anyway.
Dylan went on Amazon Prime to pick out his own birthday clothes.
In six months Dylan too, will be in middle school.  Both of them are already pushing the envelope.
Please pray for Grandma!!
The children will both be in school this week,  Monday and Tuesday...and Grandma will play.
Dear me, I hope the weather is good. I might sit outside at Eddies for lunch, if it is still open.
Covid has me online shopping....Just to help my son, of course, as he spray bastes my quilts!!!
Lynsey loves cards. For her birthday a few weeks ago, she got this Cat Lady type of Old Maid.
It is so much fun.  Tonight we played two hands of canasta and one of Cat Lady.  All Dylan wants to do is online Minecraft.

Aoife, Seven month show full of herself...

The Wednesday outing was for my sanity. Two weeks after my two vaccines...I dressed and went off to an adventure.  I walked through Marshalls.   Amazed at how they followed the rules with two people at the door cleaning carts and notices and loudspeaker constantly reminding us to keep the 6 ft distance.
Then, I took myself to an outdoor lunch.  The sun was shining on my face as I sat in the courtyard in the corner away from all...It felt like a real vacation.  First time eating at a restaurant for an entire year.  I drove by our newly opened library.  It was closed, but on two tables out front were boxes.  One was labeled returns and one pickups...Amazing to me.  I have been living in a bubble, for a year!!
I called the senior center where I go to the pool.  It was closed.  I went by my favorite barbecue place.  It had gone out of business.  Pier One was also out of business.  Sigh

  is helping us along with stress relievers during this Covid time.
Sometimes is is hard for me to find hope during stressful times...I think I will try to remember  a few moments of joy.....

Tonight Lynsey and I chair danced to 
I went to the dollar store and was helped by three lovely kind workers 

I ordered an extravagant fat quarter bundle of Marcia Derse Fabric new Blue fabric.
Moments of Joy to be remembered.

Since this post covers a few days:
Moments of joy as I watch my grands go for a long walk by the creek and look for golf balls with their father.  They love him so.  Below Lynsey makes muffins while her daddy fries eggs for Dylan's birthday breakfast.  Today, he is eleven.
The mug I bought myself.....It comes full of cheer and prayers for Covid to pass on by.
And so it great feeling.



http://thankfullga447 said...

Happy Birthday to him. I am so glad they will be going to school, you will get a break. All is well here and thankful for the little things. A house 2 blocks down in my neighborhood caught on fire; all is safe but I saw the flames and heard the fire engines coming.

Cherie said...

I hope he has had a lovely birthday. Oh my goodness that baby is cute. I remember when she was born and it just feels like yesterday.

Linda Swanekamp said...

My grandson turns eleven on Saturday. He also likes Minecraft, but he also does a lot of drawing- animals or video game characters. Love the mug. The fabric will be a great package to open. My second shot is Friday and I am not going to hide away any more- I have had enough.

Mystic Quilter said...

Such a happy post Diane, I am so pleased for you. I see some of the fabric in my stash bottom left, I hope Dylan kindly returned the fabric back to you! Good for you taking yourself out on a long awaited outside adventure, sounds like you had a good time, and such a beautiful photo of a very happy Aoife!!