Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Boo Takes the Cake

 The reconstruction of my life from the flood of 2021.
Bonus room:  now a lovely shade of green.
There had been a few boards taken off during the deconstruction, but when the painters finished this room, they plastered/ put drywall and painted it all over.  Six or seven hours later I heard a frantic meow...Dear Boo had been plastered behind the wall.  He could not get out.  OMG
Grateful for friendship, here is Linda's man Gary, to the rescue...cutting through the wall. Boo was out of there so fast, I did not even get a picture of him.
Our dear Boo, one life down, 8 to go!!
My newly painted raspberry sewing room.

The painters are finished....The living room a sunny yellow.
The flooring folks are supposed to come on Friday.  I am getting a bit excited after all the gruel.
This is a perfect week for the children to go on vacation.

A very fun lunch today with my widow group.
Once home...a delightful surprise!!!
My Marcia Derse Batiks finally arrived.
I am in fabric heaven.
This is the first time I have ever splurged on an entire collection.

More on the house.  Sunshiny yellow for the living room
My new red very fun!!

From across the pond.....
Aoife meets her first Irish birdie from the barn..

Aoife is dressed for an outing.
Wishing I could share all this with my man.
Looking so forward to my sewing room being set up.
Grateful that so many people are holding my hand ..


Mystic Quilter said...

Oh poor Boo!!! Bet he won't do that again. I like the colours you're going with Diane and won't you be pleased when all is finished, it's been a long road to hoe for you all. I'm sure your Marcia Derse Batiks have helped you deal with everything. I have been reading your posts but had the 2nd Covid so not been very well, just reading but not writing!

Linda Swanekamp said...

I had the same thing happen when we did our addtition years ago. They drywalled the upstairs and later that evening, meows began. Once when my current cat was a kitten, I was painting the grates for the outlets of the furnace and he climbed in and went down to the furnace. We had to take the furnace apart. I love your big, almost to the floor windows! Oh, and that fabric is wonderful. Lots of good stuff happening down there.