Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Grandma O'Quilts is Humming A lot Lately

Humming relaxes the body and the mind.  I so need that!!
Excess baggage allotment ...From Portland to Seattle to Amsterdam to Cork, Ireland.
Bye Bye home....Hello adventure.

Which passport is tastier???  Aoife has dual citizenship.
She is an American....and you can tell from her pink cheeks and Irish blue eyes.
The deconstruction of my house from the flood 5 weeks ago continues.
Here, Stitch supervises.  Evidently, he followed the workers from room to room
My empty spool holder, my empty heart.
For me distraction and the happy is
finding something fun in the mailbox.
Sure enough, it was my grunge from Whittles.
With fabric prices soaring to $13 a yard and more, it was a joy to find grunge fabric for a much cheaper price at Whittles, online.
A lovely sit and sew at Marie's today.
So very nice to see everyone after so much time apart...and to hug and to laugh.
Here is some of our "Show and Tell":

Sherry's Quilt
Marie's Quilt (her husband said it was the ugliest quilt he ever saw, because he said it looked unfinished).
Terri's of the nicest T-shirt quilts I have seen.
I love the quilted rows between the T-shirts.
While Grandma was gone, new garage doors replaced my 45 year old broken ones.
My DIL came with the children to help clean some of the mess inside the house.
Both made me so very happy!!!
Hello Ireland!!!  Aoife arrives in Cork with her dimples and her smile.
Guess she is a born traveler.  Good job Aoife!!!

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Mystic Quilter said...

Oh I'm happy you were able to meet up with quilting friends Diane plus find a package of the Grunge fabrics in your mail box, I have a few here at my place. Happy to see that little Aoife arrive safely in Cork with her Mum and Dad. Do you know how she coped with the flights?