Monday, June 14, 2021

Grandma O'Quilts Loves her Grands and her Daughter's New Irish House.

First born darling is Evan...turning 16 in two weeks.
Working his first job at Cici's pizza
Dylan, 11...showing off the hat, relaxing after cutting the grass...again.
In his banana shirt!!

My sweet Lynsey is 12 and a half...not 13, but me thinks she is precocious that way!!!

 Here is Dylan in his first Karate uniform, by then he had  turned 4
He starts Karate again tomorrow, thanks to God and a God-like friend.
He was trying this on for size!!
Irish cousins meeting for the first time. Aoife born in July and Abbey born the following January.
The Irish house

Aoife and her daddy show off their old Irish kitchen...IKEA kitchen has already boxes.
Family is cutting the grass and arranging things. It is so lovely, I wish I was there.
(Of course, this is Ireland in the summer!!!!)
Emily said that they have their own Bay leaf tree in the  yard.
That is great since she and her man are marvelous cooks.

PS..for the love of family, I am including my "step grand"
She is not really mine, but then...she is a lovely part of our family.
Three year old Ava.

I love my family xo


Michele Bilyeu said...

Beautiful words,thoughts,photos,and people. All of them,all of your bigger family even though not here now. Lovely.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Great photos of the grands. Love the Irish house. I just finished a 4 day marathon taking care of my almost three year old grandson. Talk about wiped out. I learned to sleep and nap when he did or I was toast. Love how he sees joyous wonder in all the little thing- re-energizes me. The kids are growing up.

Mystic Quilter said...

Lovely Irish photos there Diane, the beautiful Irish greens in the garden. The grandchildren have grown up so much since we first saw them arrive at your place, I'm sure you must be very proud and happy with them. Little Ava is growing up quickly and what a lovely smile from her.

Karen said...

Is your daughter and family moving to Ireland permanently to live?

Peter K said...

I agree with every comment before me. This is a lovely photo journal, Diane.

Kaja said...

Blink once and that 4 year old is 16, blink again and those sweet wee girls will be off to school. I love the Irish house - and how cool that your daughter is in Ireland, it's a great place to be with children.

shoshu said...

you haven't been around lately, hope everything is ok, missing you