Friday, May 26, 2023

Letting Go

 Accepting reality that my one bedroom apartment holds a small, but packed, fabric shop and that I am 75 years old.

Wondering how soon I will be bored with this scrap project.  Realizing that I feel this way often in the middle of creating.
Then, I found a bag with these 1.5 inch strips.  Long ago, my friends Kara and Melissa organized fabric from my scraps.  Kara was driving through town and took 2 GARBAGE bins of scraps from my house to her house in the Georgia mountains...Next time she came through, she brought them back.  OMG, they had transformed my scraps into a brilliant organizational stash. What a gift.
This is what is considered fun when living in a fabric store.  Many lost things are found as new.
This gift , this find, made it so much faster working on my blue scrappy log cabin.
My letting go deal is to give any log smaller than 6 inches to the art teacher...Sigh...even letting go of those is hard...This is because quilting and fabric collecting are two different passions.  Lucky me has both.

Every day now I try to make into a good day.  Seems to be that that means staying up till two or three am and sleeping till noon..  I am able to concentrate on good books now, not needing to read pablum.  Jodi Picault is one of my favorite writers. And, my pool friend/instructor said today that I am getting stronger every day.!!  Hard to believe. She seems to be looking at things from a different perspective!!!
It feels good to hear.

Thursday at 11 am, I was in bed asleep when  the fire alarm went off...Jeeze Louize. First I was crabby, then I just  dressed  and went to Trader Joe's   Oh, dear...I did not brush my hair...I did not bother with a few other necessities either...But who cares??  Old ladies get away with a lot.  Thank you workers on the second floor for making a silly mistake....The noise got me up and going.!!  

They always have lovely tulips at Trader Joe's.  I  bought brilliant orange and red blend.  When I put them in a vase, a thorn nipped me.  Jeeze Louize, they were roses instead...Please God, do not let my mind go just  yet!! At least I recognized that these  tulips were unique!!

The other night at 2 am, in a slump, I ordered Brach's jelly beans from Amazon...Really?  Me thinks I am a bit neurotic!!!Well, they came today.  I tried to hide them from myself, but I could not.  Already the pink and white have been eaten

Marie came by the other day to show us her I-spy quilt.
They are my favorites for kids.

We are very, very lucky here in Charlotte.  Our May is  kind of like a nice March with breezes and cooler temps and lowish humidity...Things are a changing, but June is soon.
June first is my wedding anniversary, friends' birthdays and my doctor's appt. to determine my surgery date.
Hmmm Gotta be braver, cuz I am so not a big strong lady!!!

Tomorrow a friend is coming by to use my electric fabric cutter...How to make new friends....One of these machines and lots of dies...Lucky, lucky me!!


Julierose said...

I really like how your log cabib is coming along--great colors surrounding that pretty blue. those tulips are sensational, too!! So cheerful no Trader joe's near us, sadly.
Take care from a new octagenarian--[I turned 80- this month--so I "get it"]
hugs, Julierose

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Pretty flowers, you know how to choose the unique ones.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Gorgeous flowers- great choice. Love the scrap blocks. You only have to be brave one day at a time. Congratulations on new friends.

Robin said...

Enjoyed your post. I can identify with a lot of the things you are saying about all that fabric and being in your 70's. I laughed out loud about the tulips but they are beauties for sure. Love the shade of blue you are using in your log cabin blocks. It's going to be a pretty quilt. Yeah. . . I've left the house with bed head a couple of times too.