Friday, April 20, 2018

The Sun Shines in Charlotte..

This afternoon found me at Karen's garage sale.
I just could not believe she was selling her family quilt
that she slept under in college...
Me, the savior, snatched it up. hand pieced/ hand quilted
Soon, it will be right on Lynsey's bed.
Like she needs a quilt or something!!!!
For  me, love at first sight.

The minute, I took out the camera...Stitch tried to claim the quilt!!!
 What do you mean it is not mine????
A great finish for MP...four years of stitching..and she has her queen size
quilt for her mountain house.
The wonderful Terri...did the long arm bit.
Just the binding left and she is done. Talk about an awesome scrap quilt.
You go MP!!
I got this book on Amazon...written by my friend Katrina.
It is life and loss with ALS/Motor Neurone Disease.

I may not read it.
I may read it...and then, I  may not.
I am still get weak and dizzy on this subject.
Three years out, but the pain and anxiety remain.

This morning found me at the optometrist...
Yup, you guessed it...Grandma O'Quilts needs...
new glasses $$$$$
Yesterday found me at the dentist..
Yup, $$$$$ needed for my tooth repair will be way too enormous.
Root canal, post, crown..etc.
I have decided to just pull the tooth...OMG, it has come to this....
First name basis with my oral surgeon.
First name basis with my eye least she sews!!!

Grandma O'Quilts is tough as nails.

My darlings have become bossy and mouthy.
The oldest two are always right..
I am sure the youngest is right behind them, learning fast.
By the time we all get out for the school bus, by 7 am..
I am way too exhausted.
It is not weakness that sends this 70 year old back
for a nap...It is survival...!!!

And, so it goes...a lovely day and a Sit and Sew tomorrow.


Teresa said...

Oh my goodness, that Dresden plate quilt is so pretty and soft looking. Is that the one you got at the yard sale????

Holly said...

Hi, I enjoyed your post today. The garage sale quilt is amazing. It always surprises me that people don't charise quilts more.....or maybe what they value more. Anyway, happy sewing.

Mystic Quilter said...

Lucky Lynsey!! No wonder you got a hold of that quilt as quick as you could, it's beautiful, and I'm not surprised that Stitch is enjoying a rest all snuggled down. Poor you with the dentist and the optometrist - I go for my eye check this Friday and I know I'm going be up for new glasses, not just lenses but a new frame. The eldest two have obviously reached 'that' age, hopefully they settle down soon for you!

Kaja said...

What a lovely quilt - isn't it funny what people can let go? I don't know what it is about cats and quilts; mine can't see a quilt without sitting on it.