Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Outside Stitch

Saturday was..
The stunning day in the Carolinas..
65 degrees F, Carolina Blue skies.
Slight breeze....
Perfect for snipping threads outside.
  Feeling invigorated by the weather, Mrs. O'Quilts
ventured down the steps to get a good shot of this
quilt on the broken gate.
Alas, Old Grandma is not what she used to be.
Mrs. Wobble, almost fell... TBTG, she did not  Sigh
Snipping was much safer.
Just as I settled down to snip....someone else likes the scissors.
Our big cheese cat, named Stitch.
 Lucky me, that springtime brings other things exciting for cats!
Oh...yes!!!  and off he goes. 
Our other cat, Boo is not allowed outside, He runs away.
One day, Lynsey found him down by the creek .
She grounded him for the rest of his life.

The children are thrilled about their new baby sister,Ava!!
Lynsey chose all these charms from my big basket,
She stood between my legs, hands on mine and sewed the strips.

 The backing is sooo perfect...My sister had bought it for me
years ago.
A darling label:
Dylan was not into too much sewing here...
but he did help me wiggle top stitch..
Two sided flannel blanket for 6 day old Ava
 And, of course, signed the little label.
Evan did not feel like sewing, so a cute little outfit,
 from Marshalls.worked just fine.
All presents were delivered today
as they spent the weekend with their mother.
And, of course, the Easter bunny!!
One more lovely loving sunny day.
Happy Easter.

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Teresa said...

Saturday was a beautiful day. I am so looking forward to sitting out on my porch and doing handwork. I get the hardware out of my arm and hand tomorrow, so surely soon I will be able to get back to English Paper Piecing and hand quilting. Not to mention applique and embroidery.