Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sanity, one stitch at a time

For Margaret's house warming/birthday party.
Small bowl covers...for leftovers...
See tute here on the blog

At Monday's Sit and Sew and chat with friends..
just plain ol' four patch fun.

Monday a four hour Sit and Sew with friends.
Such joy....machines humming along.
Sharing feelings and sewing tips.
And...another one all day on Saturday with 
Charlotte's Modern Quilt Guild..
Saturday is the 3rd anniversary of my dear man's death from ALS
If I did not have sewing, eating, drinking and friends (not in that order)
OMG  What would have happened to me.

Overcoming a Loss by 1000 Deaths, by Katrina Jefferies
I have ordered her fellow traveler.
I will be so afraid to read it...
It is an ALS book...

Lynsey has strep throat and cannot visit new little two week old sister,
Ava has no immunity at all yet...

And the good news is?????
Grandma O'Quilts is off her cane after 9 months post hip replacement.
And 6  plus ...years before all the surgeries...
Wahoo...I thought I would never walk again.
Just prancing around like I was 25..ha ha ha.
Life is good after all.


Karaquilts said...

I just have to say that I LOVE my bowl covers. I am surprised how often I use them. Now to check out your tutorial and see how many I can make!!

And Hurray for you and no cane!!! Keep dancing and kicking and prancing around your life! Who says we can't be 29, or maybe 59 again??? I'm sure the years are just melting away :)

I am so thankful for your Sit and Sew day on Saturday ~ ~ a celebration of life in the shadows of loss. Your four patch blocks are happy and I'm sure you'll find more happy things to create on Saturday. I mostly do repetitious sewing when I'm in groups because I get too distracted by the conversation to do creative or contemplative projects in a group.

Mystic Quilter said...

So happy to read that you are now cane free!! A new woman. You sound to be keeping busy and having fun with quilting friends, that's good.
As I write this it is Saturday here in New Zealand, your time will be a few hours behind ours - you will be in my thoughts Diane.
Poor Lynsey - I'm sure her first visit to her new sister will be worth the wait when it takes place.

Kaja said...

Dancing around with no cane - enjoy your happy feet.